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November Market Report Calendar

Tuesday... November 29th

TCR's Daily Market Summary

The Beef: Gigantic Thanksgiving Week Cattle Slaughter

Monday Regional Auction Reports

Today's Agricultural Weather Highlights


Monday... November 28th

Japan Approves the Revised Beef Safeguard Mechanism Under the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement

Feeder & Stocker Cattle Marketings for the week ending 11/26/22

Herd Liquidation May Be Slowing Down

Farm Share of U.S. Food Dollar reached Historic Low in 2021

Friday/Saturday Regional Auction Reports


Friday... November 25th

TCR's Weekly Market Summary

Current & Projected Feedyard Closeouts

"Shootin' The Bull" Weekly Analysis

Cattle Futures’ Long-Term Market Outlook

Implications of High Cow & Heifer Slaughter Rates

Cattle Market Sentiment: Slightly Bullish

Chart of the Week


Wednesday... November 23rd

"Shootin' The Bull" Commodity Markets Comments

Total Red Meat Production Up Slightly; Beef Production Up 2 Percent

Current National Drought Conditions for Week Ending 11/22/22

Durable-goods orders jump 1%, but momentum unlikely to last as U.S. economy slows

The Beef: Cash Breaks Loose

'Beyond Meat’ factory riddled with Mold & Dirty Conditions

November Cold Storage Report: Total Red Meat Supplies Up 11% from Last Year

Tuesday Regional Auction Reports


Tuesday... November 22nd

Monday Regional Auction Reports


Monday... November 21st

Weekly Feeder & Stocker Cattle Marketings for week ending 11/19/22

Cattle Industry Dynamics Finally Lining Up

Weekly Market Overview for Week Ending 11/18/22


Friday... November 18th

U.S. Cattle on Feed Down 2 Percent; Placements Down 6 Percent

The Conference Board: Economy may already be in a Recession

Cattle Market Sentiment: More Bearish than Bullish

Thursday Regional Auction Reports


Thursday... November 17th

U.S. Beef Demand depends on Consumers’ Tolerance to Higher Prices

Beef Cow Slaughter & Cull Cow Values

Current National Drought Conditions for Week Ending 11/15/22

Implications of Increased Cow & Heifer Slaughter in 2022

Philadelphia Fed’s Manufacturing Gauge sinks further in November

Wednesday Regional Auction Reports


Wednesday... November 16th

Pre-Report Estimates for Friday’s Cattle on Feed Report

Minnesota Court Folds Large Retailers into Packer Antitrust Suit