Regional Cattle Auction Reports...

For Friday & Saturday, September 16th & 17th - Posted weekly on Monday

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North Central

Burwell Livestock Auction Market - Burwell NE
This Week: 1,000
Last Reported: 1,135
Last Year: 0
No recent test of market for an accurate comparison a trend will not be given for steers or heifers. Demand was good for all offerings today.
Ft. Pierre Livestock Auction - Ft. Pierre, SD
This Week: 3,929
Last Reported: 2,651
Last Year: 0
Last feeder sale was two weeks ago, limited comparisons available: Heifers from 800 lbs to 899 lbs were mostly steady to 2.00 higher, heifers from 900 lbs to 999 lbs were generally 2.00 to 4.00 lower. Good demand for today's yearlings that consisted of several strings off grass and a number of tested open replacement heifers. Better demand for cattle off grass when compared to those coming out of a grow yard.


Lexington Livestock Market - Lexington NE
This Week: 2,277
Last Reported: 4,221
Last Year: 1,711
Compared to two weeks ago, steers 400 to 600 lbs sold steady to 3.00 higher and over 750 lbs sold mostly steady, heifers 400 to 600 lbs sold steady to 8.00 lower and over 750 lbs sold steady to 3.00 lower. Demand was moderate to good from the buyers in the crowd.
Torrington Livestock Commission - Torrington WY
This Week: 592
Last Reported: 668
Last Year: 1,338
Compared to last week: slaughter and feeder cows traded fully steady with the exception of fat cows trading 2.00 to 3.00 lower. Slaughter bulls also traded fully steady to last week.

South Central

Cattleman's Livestock Auction - Belen NM
This Week: 573
Last Reported: 456
Last Year: 745NNo accurate comparison on any class due to no reported sale the past two weeks. But a higher trend was noted. Trade and demand good.


Eastern MO Commission Company - Bowling Green, MO 
This Week: 903
Last Reported: 2,292
Last Year: 704
Friday's Auction was a Special Bred Cow and pairs sale with a couple of consignments of young 3-5 year old pairs with 150-200 lb calves selling with good demand. A light offering of feeder cattle were mostly unweaned calves, with most good quality and selling with good demand. Slaughter cows sold 3.00-6.00 lower. 



Smith County Commission - Carthage TN
This Week: 1,058
Last Reported: 1,118
Last Year: 1,077
Compared to last week, Feeder Steers/Bulls 2.00-7.00 higher; Feeder Heifers 3.00-7.00 higher; Slaughter Cows mostly steady; Slaughter Bulls mostly steady.


Carolina Stockyards Livestock Auction – Siler City, NC
This Week: 822
Last Reported: 876
Last Year: 1,000
Slaughter cattle steady this week . Feeder cattle steady to up 2.00 to 6.00 compared to last week . Demand moderate ; market activity and buyer interest were moderate . Offerings moderate with quality average.


None Reported


Northeastern States

None Reported