Regional Cattle Auction Reports...

For Monday, March 20th - Posted weekly on Tuesday

Reported by the USDA Market News... “Click” links to view entire report

North Central States

Sioux Falls Regional Livestock Report - Worthing SD

This Week: 4,466

Last Reported: 3,736

Last Year: 3,596

Compared to last week: Feeder steers steady to 5.00 higher with instances of 14.00, except 500 lbs - 600 lbs 2.00 to 7.00 lower. Feeder heifers 2.00 to 5.00 higher with instances of 10.00 except, 500 lbs - 600 lbs, 750 lbs - 800 lbs, 850 lbs - 900 lbs 1.00 to 5.00 lower. Demand for this eye appealing offering of cattle was good. 


Tri-State Livestock Auction Market - McCook NE

This Week: 1,264

Last Reported: 1,014

Last Year: 1,340

Not enough to show a comparison. Demand was good for all offerings.


South Central States

Oklahoma National Stockyards Feeder Cattle - Oklahoma City OK

This Week: 5,700

Last Reported: 6,926

Last Year: 8,458

Compared to last week: Feeder steers and calves steady to 3.00 higher, most advance on heavier weights. Feeder heifers steady to 3.00 lower. Heifer calves steady . Quality plain to average, despite this demand remains good.


Roswell Livestock Auction - Roswell, NM

This Week: 1,397

Last Reported: 1,607

Last Year: 900

Compared to last week, steer and heifer calves were sharply lower with exception of 550-600 lb steers being steady. Feeder steers 600-650 were 5.00 higher while 650-700 lb sold 7.00-8.00 higher. Feeder heifers had incomparable numbers from last week. Slaughter cows were steady to 3.00 higher. Slaughter bulls were 2.00-5.00 lower.


Midwest States

Joplin Regional Stockyards Feeder Cattle - Carthage, MO 

This Week: 7,683

Last Reported: 7,795

Last Year: 7,024

Compared to last week feeder steers sold steady. Feeder heifers under 475 lbs. sold steady to 4.00 higher. Heavier weights sold steady. Heifers calves weighing 310 lbs. sold at 280. 450 head of heifers weighing 674 lbs. sold for 194.00. Supply was heavy with good demand.


Callaway Livestock Center - Kingdom City MO 

This Week: 2,654

Last Reported: 2,237

Last Year: 2,847

Compared to last week, steer calves weighing 400-500 lbs sold firm to spots 5.00 higher, 500-550 lbs were not tested with 550-600 lbs selling 5.00-10.00 lower giving back last weeks gains which was on a very active market, 600-650 lbs sold 2.00-5.00 lower and 650-750 lbs sold steady to firm, 750-800 lbs were lightly tested and two pot loads of 915-923 lbs traded with a firm undertone. 


Southeastern States

Mid-South Livestock - Unionville TN

This Week: 683

Last Reported: 1,000

Last Year: 958

Compared to last week, Feeder Steers 3.00-8.00 lower; Feeder Bulls 8.00-15.00 lower; Feeder Heifers 4.00-10.00 lower; Slaughter Cows steady to 2.00 higher; Slaughter Bulls steady to 2.00 lower.


Western States

None Reported

Northeastern States

United Producers Inc. - Irvington KY

This Week: 928

Last Reported: 646

Last Year: 1,109

Compared to last week: Feeder steers and feeder heifers sold steady to 3.00 lower. Quality varied. Slaughter cows and slaughter bulls sold steady. 


Blue Grass South Livestock Market - Stanford KY

This Week: 285

Last Reported: 396

Last Year: 511

Compared to last Monday: Feeder steers 4.00-8.00 lower, Feeder heifers under 500 lbs 6.00-10.00 lower, 500 lb 4.00-8.00 higher, Moderate to good demand for a mostly plain quality offering. Slaughter cows steady, Slaughter bulls 3.00-5.00 higher, Good demand for slaughter classes.