Regional Cattle Auction Reports...

For Monday, April 15th - Posted weekly on Tuesday

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North Central States

Sioux Falls Regional Livestock Report - Worthing SD

This Week: 3,161

Last Reported: 3,780

Last Year: 3,903

Compared to the sale last week: Lean offering of light steers today. Steers 700 lbs 8.00 higher, 800 lb steers 2.00-6.00 lower with less in the offering this week. Steers 850 lbs 7.00 higher, 950 lbs steady. Heifers 500-650 lbs 7.00-8.00 lower with instances sharply lower in 650 lb range. Heifers 700 lbs were 1.00-4.00 lower, 750 lbs sharply higher, 800-850 lbs steady to 1.00 higher. Many load lots offered today, mostly in the 700-950 lb range. 


Tri-State Livestock Auction Market - McCook NE

This Week: 1,460

Last Reported: 1,073

Last Year: 2,100

Compared to last week on comparable offerings of steers sold 8.00 to 10.00 lower. Heifers sold mostly 9.00 higher on comparable offerings. Demand was moderate to good today. 


South Central States

Oklahoma National Stockyards Feeder Cattle - Oklahoma City OK

This Week: 7,200

Last Reported: 6,714

Last Year: 9,023

Compared to last week: Steers over 700lbs and heifers over 650lbs steady. Steers under 700lbs and heifers under 650lbs 3.00-7.00 lower. Quality average. Demand moderate. 


Roswell Livestock Auction - Roswell, NM

This Week: 1,345

Last Reported: 1,034

Last Year: 1,071

Compared to last weeks sale; Steer calves 300-500 lbs were 5.00 -10.00 higher instances 8.00 lower and 500-600 lbs steady to 4.00 higher. Feeder steers 800-850 lbs sold 3.00 higher with insufficient numbers to compare on remainder of feeders last week. Heifer calves 350-500 lbs sold significantly lower and 500-600 lbs were steady to 7.00 higher. Feeder heifers 600-650 lbs sold 13.00 higher while 850-900 lbs were 9.00 higher.


Midwest States

Joplin Regional Stockyards Feeder Cattle - Carthage, MO 

This Week: 6,151

Last Reported: 6,619

Last Year: 8,360

Compared to last week feeder steers under 625 lbs. sold 2.00-12.00 lower with heavier weights steady to 3.00 higher. Feeder heifers under 550 lbs. sold 4.00-12.00 higher with some three weight and light four weight heifers up to 20.00 higher. Heavier weights sold steady to 3.00 lower. 


Callaway Livestock Center - Kingdom City MO 

This Week: 3,068

Last Reported: 2,181

Last Year: 3,030

Compared to last week, steer calves weighing 400-500 lbs sold firm to 7.00 higher, with 500-550 lbs selling steady, 550-600 lbs sold 5.00-10.00 lower and 600-700 lb sold 2.00-7.00 lower with 6 pot loads of 8 weight steers not having a recent test but sold with a weak to lower undertone. Feeder heifers weighing 400-450 lbs sold steady to firm, with 450-500 lbs trading steady to 5.00 lower, 500-600 lb heifers traded 5.00-8.00 lower and three pot loads of 650-700 lb heifers were not tested. 


Southeastern States

Mid-South Livestock - Unionville TN

This Week: 882

Last Reported: 1,013

Last Year: 1,272

Compared to last week, Feeder Steers/Bulls steady to 5.00 higher; Feeder Heifers steady to 5.00 higher; Slaughter Cows mostly steady to 2.00 lower; Slaughter Bulls 2.00 lower.


Western States

None Reported


Northeastern States

United Producers Inc. - Harned KY

This Week: 1,009

Last Reported: 1,192

Last Year: 1,088

Compared to last week: Feeder steers and feeder heifers sold steady to firm. Slaughter cows and slaughter bulls sold steady.