Regional Cattle Auction Reports...

For Thursday, April 11th - Posted weekly on Friday

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North Central:

Billings Livestock Commission Cattle Auction - Billings, MT
This Week: 672
Last Reported: 5,243
Last Year: 1,151
Compared to last week: Feeder cattle were to light to develop a market trend. Slaughter cows steady to 1.00 lower. Slaughter bulls steady. Demand good. Quality average. 
Mitchell Livestock Auction – Mitchell SD
This Week: 3,265
Last Reported: 1,602
Last Year: 5,180
Compared to last week: Feeder steers and heifers 750-950 lbs. sold unevenly steady. Many feeders carrying extra flesh causing lower price, thin fleshed topped the market. Demand was good.
Valentine Livestock Auction - Valentine NE
This Week: 
Last Reported: 
Last Year: 
No sale reported.

South Central:

Apache Livestock Auction - Apache, OK
This Week: 818
Last Reported: 1,166
Last Year: 2,219
Compared to last week: Feeder steers and feeder heifers steady to 8.00 higher. Steer and heifer calves 4.00 to 8.00 higher. Quality good to attractive with good demand. Slaughter cows steady to 2.00 lower. Slaughter bulls 4.00 lower. 


Woodward Wtd Avg Cattle - Woodward OK
This Week: 703
Last Reported: 1,031
Last Year: 3,850
Compared to last week: Feeder steers mostly steady except 600-750 lb steers up to 10 lower. Feeder heifers 8.00 to 10.00 lower. Steer and heifer calves mostly steady on a light test. Demand was moderate. Quality average to plain.
Winter Livestock Auction - Pratt KS
This Week: 2,429
Last Reported: 2,065
Last Year: 5,141
Compared to last week, feeder steers 800 lb to 1050 lb sold steady to 5.00 higher. Steers 600 lb to 800 lb sold 6.00 lower. Steer calves 400 lb to 600 lb sold 2.00 to 3.00 higher, however thin fleshed calves sold up to 10.00 higher. Feeder heifers 800 lb to 950 lb sold steady to 4.00 higher. Not enough heifers 400 lb to 800 lb for a market test, however a lower trend was noted. Demand was good. Slaughter cows and bulls sold 8.00 to 10.00 lower. 
Farmers & Ranchers Livestock - Salina KS
This Week: 3,176
Last Reported: 4,115
Last Year: 5,476
Compared to last week steer calves under 600 lbs sold 10.00 to 15.00 lower and 700 to 850 lb steers sold 8.00 to 10.00 lower, the heavier feeders weighing 850 to 950 lbs sold 1.00 lower to 5.00 higher. 


Cattleman's Livestock Auction - Dalhart TX
This Week: 1,579
Last Reported: 1,404
Last Year: 1,581
Compared to last week: Feeder steers traded 4.00 to 8.00 lower. Feeder heifers traded mostly steady to 2.00 higher. Steer and heifer calves were mostly 5.00 to 10.00 lower on comparable sales. Quality was mixed as a large portion of the sale consisted of plainer type cattle, with the exception of some bigger drafts of wheat cattle. 


Tulia Livestock Auction - Tulia, TX
This Week: 498
Last Reported: 1,449
Last Year: 2,231
Compared to last week: Not enough feeder steers or heifers for a market test. Trade activity was light on light to moderate demand. The area received 2-4 inches of much needed rain, but that hindered cattle being hauled to market. Slaughter cows were steady. 


New Cambria Livestock Market - New Cambria, MO
This Week: 
Last Reported: 
Last Year: 
No sale reported.



None Reported.


Toppenish Livestock Auction - Toppenish, WA
This Week: 1,700
Last Reported: 1,660
Last Year: 1,450
Compared to last Thursday, stocker and feeder cattle weak in a light test. CME Feeders tagged along for the ride on Thursday, with gains of 90 cents to $1.62. The CME Feeder Cattle index on April 9th was down another $1.84 to $243.65. Slaughter cows unevenly steady. Slaughter bulls firm in a light test. Trade active with very good demand.


Bluegrass Stockyards South - Stanford KY
This Week: 1,187
Last Reported: 1,450
Last Year: 2,724
Compared to last Thursday: Feeder steers under 600 lbs steady, 600-700 lbs 6.00-10.00 higher, over 700 lbs 3.00-5.00 lower, Feeder heifers steady except 500-600 lbs they were 6.00-8.00 higher, Good demand for feeder and yearling classes. Slaughter cows 8.00-10.00 higher, Slaughter bulls steady, Very Good demand for slaughter classes. 
Paris Stockyards - Paris KY
This Week: 1,500
Last Reported: 1,485
Last Year: 2,292
Compared to last week the market was mixed and uneven in spots with an average quality offering. Lighter weight steers 500 lbs and under were 6.00 to 10.00 lower with moderate demand, while the 500-750 lbs steers were steady to 6.00 higher with good demand. Feeder heifers 600 lbs and under were were steady to 6.00 higher with good demand, while heifers over 600 lbs were steady to 4.00 lower with a good supply.