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1860 GAR Absolute H050 Reg...

  • AAA *19913242, Bull, Birth Date: 11/22/2020 Tattoo: H050 DNA Tested, Parentage: SNP, Genomic: Angus GS, Parents Qualified H050 may be what you are looking in a herd bull that combines C.A.B. Certified Genetics 5 Angus Pathfinders and some and Foundation Families most would dream to have in their herd. We took the DNA test of 44 Eilenmere 4822 and matched her to GAR Absolute D5388 and hit a Home Run! Talk about “Grass-Fed X $Beef” in a breeding, H050 achieved some great EPD’s as well as an incredible Phonotypical look that is outstanding. First he attain the hard to realize C.A.B Certified Genetics, these genetics he will pass-on to his progeny. Second to be a balanced breeding animal that will improve every breeding by giving more than 50% of his genetics to the offspring. “More than 50%” you say! How would you know that? Simple when we DNA test we Confirm that the “Parents Qualified” once that happens we can go back through the family tree and verify Accuracy (or the reliability that can be placed on the EPD’s), next the Number of Registered Births (to sires, Dams, GGS…) , next how many Pathfinders are in their 3-generation pedigree (identifies superior animals in the breed based on their records of performance). Next how the (parents, Grand Parents…) stand up in the Angus Breed with their Phenotypical Traits (does their Angus Look match their EPD’s, no one wants a Great EPD Bull that looks wimpy) and finally does there family tree have the “Foundation Genetic” that you want or need to improve your herd “Dramatically”! This one hits it “out of the park”! Let’s build a bull- we all want Calving ease Top 20%, a good Birth Weight, but not to good Top 35%, then we would love for that calf to have a great growth spurt toward a great Weaning Weight Top 30%, and a good Yearling Weight would be nice as well Top25%. Well Let’s move on to Carcass Merits, CW Top 40%, Marb Top 15%, RE Top 45%, and if we bred him to Dairy Top 15% $AxH. Now let’s talk $ Values-$W Top 40%, $F Top 30%, $G Top 15%, $B Top 20% and $C Top 35%! Talk about a well-Balanced animal H050 is your man! How do you top that- simple VAR Discovery, AAR Ten X 7008 SA, GAR-EGL Protégé, SAV Final Answer are on the Top Side. 44 Eileenmere 4822, 4S Eileenmere 3128, Rita, Thomas Miss Lucy such a powerhouse of sought-after genetics you can add to every calf! Priced; $5,950.
Britt Ross
Wills Point, Texas
Home Phone: 214.478.6446

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