OCV... Offically Calfhood Vaccinated

 Vaccinated as 4 to 10 month old heifers with Brucella Abortus Strain RB 51...

  • Calfhood vaccination must be administered by a federally accredited veterinarian. Most large animal veterinarians are federally accredited.
  • Vaccination is necessary for heifers being shipped into some states; therefore, many sales require that all heifers sold be calfhood vaccinated so as not to restrict the potential market.
  • Official calfhood vaccinates are marked in the right ear with an official orange ear tag and a special tattoo, denoting the quarter and year of vaccination.
  • The decision to have heifer calves vaccinated for brucellosis should be based on the advice of the herd's veterinarian and depends on the marketing plan of the herd.