HARDEE COUNTY, Fla. – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a press conference Wednesday morning where he gave Hardee County officials a $6 million check to help build an industrial site in the region.

DeSantis signed Senate Bill 1084 at the Hardee County Cattleman’s Arena to ban the sale and manufacture of synthetic meat, which he denounced as “fake meat,” and also prevent local governments from regulating electric vehicle charging stations.

“Today, Florida is fighting back against the global elite’s plan to force the world to eat meat grown in a petri dish or bugs to achieve their authoritarian goals,” said DeSantis. “Our administration will continue to focus on investing in our local farmers and ranchers, and we will save our beef.”

The bill also enhances criminal penalties for people who commit crimes on a farm.

DeSantis was joined by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Wilton Simpson who shared his support for the bill.

“Florida is taking a tremendous step in the right direction by signing first-in-the-nation legislation banning lab-grown meat. We must protect our incredible farmers and the integrity of American agriculture. Lab-grown meat is a disgraceful attempt to undermine our proud traditions and prosperity, and is in direct opposition to authentic agriculture,” Simpson said.

The $6 million will go towards providing a 40,000-square-foot warehouse for current agricultural businesses that are located in the area. This will create an estimated 200 jobs and help attract additional high-demand, high wage jobs to Hardee County.

DeSantis said the state has already dedicated a total of $2.8 billion toward agriculture.

The new bill had the support of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association, who claimed that fake meat is a safety hazard to society.

“This cultivated protein, we know it isn’t beef, we know it isn’t meat. Meat comes from an animal,” said Dusty Holley, the association’s Director of Field Services.

The new law goes into effect on July 1.

DeSantis also had some strong words for protesters following the recent arrests of students and staff members on Florida college campuses.

“The state of Florida is not New York. When you try to set up encampments, you are not going to be allowed to do that in this state and people have found that out at Florida State University, Florida and University of South Florida.”