An investigation into $9 million of stolen frozen beef has uncovered a crime ring based in Miami that targeted packing plants in six states.

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s office in Nebraska says the three people who were arrested last week targeted beef and pork packing plants in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

According to court documents, authorities identified 45 thefts of semi-loads of frozen pork and beef since June of 2021.  Investigators say cell phone records and GPS locations revealed the group had been casing the plants for items to steal.

Yoslany Leyva Del Sol, Ledier Machin Andino and Delvis Fuentes were charged with the transportation of stolen goods and money laundering.

Homeland Security Investigation Omaha, Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, and the Florida Highway Patrol, with assistance from HSI Miami El Dorado Task Force South led the multi-state investigation.

The investigation is ongoing.