April trade data was released on a product weight basis by USDA FAS on June 7, 2022, and yesterday USDA ERS released data on a carcass weight basis. This DLR will discuss April carcass weight data released by USDA ERS.

Beef exports in April totaled 304.0 million pounds, up 5.9% from last year and nearly level with the prior month. Shipments to Japan increased 8.2% to 70.6 million pounds, China rose 7.7% to 53.5 million pounds, and Taiwan jumped 40.3% to 23.2 million pounds. Those gains more than offset declines to South Korea (- 5.7%), Mexico (-20.9%), and Canada which were 63.4, 20.5, and 22.3 million pounds, respectively, in April.

Beef imports totaled 293.8 million pounds, up 6.9% from last year but down 16.9% or nearly 60 million pounds from a month ago. Shipments in April were above last year from Canada (+3.7%), Mexico (+18.9%), and Brazil (+51.6%) to 79.9, 63.2, and 48.2 million pounds, respectively. Imports from Australia were down 7.8% while levels from New Zealand fell 27.3% from 2021.

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