USDA ERS Released the March Meat Price Spreads data on April 12, 2022. The beef retail price was $7.69 per pound in March, up about 1% from the previous month but 18.6% above last year. ERS also reports an All Fresh retail beef price which is a “composite value based on Choice beef, other beef, and hamburger retail prices; developed to estimate the average retail value of total beef production.”

The March All Fresh beef price was $7.36 per pound up just over 1% from February and more than 15% above a year ago. Both retail beef prices are well above year ago levels but did not exceed record levels set in October of 2021. Ground beef and boneless stew beef both set record prices in March, up 17.7% and 24.3% from last year to $4.76 and $7.16 per pound, respectively. In March, boneless chuck was $6.99 (up 14.8%), round roast was $6.30 (up 11.9%), and the sirloin steak was $10.66 per pound (up 16.7%).

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