Kansas Livestock Association

According to the 2022 Power of Meat report, nearly all households in America (98.5%) purchase meat, with volume sales up 3.9% compared to pre-pandemic levels. This increase is partly due to several trends resulting from the pandemic, including increased home cooking, record-high online shopping and a shift to digital sources for recipes. The report was conducted by 210 Analytics LLC on behalf of FMI - The Food Industry Association and the North American Meat Institute’s Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education.

Data showed 74% of Americans describe themselves as meat eaters and, although meat department visits declined slightly last year, it was less than in 2020. Shoppers also spent a little more during each trip. In response to higher prices and inflation pressures, shoppers are eating out and ordering in less often, while trying to recreate restaurant experiences at home. In so doing, they have adjusted retail meat purchasing habits. Volume remains significantly above pre-pandemic levels for fresh and prepared meats. Fresh beef volume increased nearly 5% since 2019.

Americans are eating 80% of meals at home and 57% prepare four to seven dinners per week with meat. More than half of meat shoppers (51%) say websites, apps and social media are their top resources for meat preparation advice.

“Shoppers’ meat IQ is higher than ever and the Power of Meat shows they are looking for even more ways to purchase meat and get inspiration for preparing meals,” said FMI Vice President of Fresh Foods Rick Stein. “Retailers are constantly working to give shoppers more choices in the meat department and further enhance in-store and online shopping options.”