Special Offer for Nebraska Cattlemen...

With over 15 years of experience in Internet Marketing of Cattle, we have learned there are large numbers of prospective buyers in other states who place extra value in ‘Northern Origin’ cattle.  Let The Cattle Range help you expose your good, Nebraska-raised cattle to those buyers.

The Cattle Range reaches 'All Over Cattle Country'

If you have cattle for sale, list them on The Cattle Range before July 1st and receive your choice of one of the ‘Enhanced Listing options at NO Charge
  • Just enter NE-20 in the Special Offer Code box on the Listing Form.
Additionally, the sale fee will be discounted by 25%.  A Sale Fee is payable only if you sell to a buyer originating from The Cattle Range website.
  • TCR’s Sale Fees are only a fraction of the cost of selling at auction. - Fee Schedule
  • You pay for the actual number SOLD... Whether more or less than the number of head listed.
  • If sold otherwise, you pay nothing.
If you are unfamiliar with The Cattle Range, here's How TCR Works
Offer is limited to cattle in Nebraska -- All other Terms & Conditions apply.
E-mail or call 1.800.381.4848 with any questions.


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