Angus Upcoming Sale Calendar... 


SS-Manzano Angus Ranches 23rd Annual Bull Sale-03-05-19
SS-Second Annual Diamond Seven Angus Bull Sale-03-07-19

 Upcoming Sales... 


March Sales... 

SS-Manzano Angus Ranches 23rd Annual Bull Sale-03-05-19
SS-Second Annual Diamond Seven Angus Bull Sale-03-07-19
SS-26th Annual McCabe Genetics Bull & Commercial Female Sale-03-28-19
March 5: Manzano Angus Ranches 23rd Annual Bull Sale, at the ranch, southwest of Estancia NM
March 5: Apex Angus, Valie, MT
March 5: Manzano Angus Bull Sale, Estancia NM
March 5: Ridl Angus, Dickinson ND
March 5: Thomas Angus Ranch Bull Sale, Baker City OR
March 5: Huninghake Angus and Dikeman Simmentals 4th Annual Premium Genetics Bull and Female Sale, Wamego KS
March 6: Poland Angus Ranch Carcass Plus Bull Sale, Isabel KS
March 6: Bruns Angus Bull Sale, Madison SD
March 6: Ferguson Angus, Phillipsburg KS
March 6: Ox Bow Angus Bull Sale, Wolf Creek MT
March 7: Cannon Angus Cache Valley Bull Sale, Preston ID
March 7: Diamond Seven Angus Bull Sale, Tucumcari NM
March 7: Fuoss Angus, Draper SD
March 7: Infinity Angus, Glasgow MT
March 7: Keyes Angus, Wahoo NE
March 7: Larson Angus Ranch, Sharon Springs KS
March 7: Pasture View Angus, Valentine NE
March 7: Split Diamond Angus, Dillon MT
March 7: Second Annual Diamond Seven Angus Bull Sale, Tucumcari NM
March 8: Christensen Angus Ranch, Okarche OK
March 8: Flesch Angus, Shelby MT
March 8: Kenny Angus, Schaller IA
March 8: Reid Angus Ranch at Sterling Livestock Commission, Sterling CO
March 8: Schlager Angus, Canton MO (Palmyra MO)
March 8: Smithland Angus, Russell Springs KY
March 8: SW Nebraska Angus Ass'n, McCook NE
March 8: T-Bone Angus, O'Neill NE
March 9: Big Rok Angus, Detroit Lakes MN
March 9: Boyd Beef Cattle/Myers Angus Farm Bull Sale, Mays Lick KY
March 9: Fast/Dohrmann Angus Sale, Mandan ND
March 9: Heart of the Ozarks Angus Ass'n Sale, West Plains MO
March 9: High Roller Angus, Center TX
March 9: Smith Farms Angus, Hayes Springs NE
March 9: Sunnyhill Angus, Fairview IL
March 9: Tennessee Agribition Angus Sale, Lebanon TN
March 9: Thousand Hills Angus, Three Forks MT
March 9: Valley Oaks Angus/Black Gold Genetics, Kingsville MO
March 9: Western Colorado Angus Ass'n Bull Sale Delta Stockyards, Delta CO
March 9: ZumBrunnen Angus, Lusk WY
March 10: 4M Angus/Burken Cattle Co., Blue Hill NE
March 10: Lazy JB Angus Bull Sale, Montrose CO
March 11: Barstow Angus Ranch, Springview NE
March 11: Dix Angus Ranch, Plainville KS
March 11: Nichols & Sons Angus, Chambers NE
March 11: Parry Angus Bull Sale, Sterling CO
March 11: Schauer Angus Ranch, Faith SD
March 11: Spring Cove Angus Ranch Bull Sale, Bliss ID
March 12: James Angus, Bloomington NE
March 12: Schreiber Angus Bull Sale, Beaver KS
March 12: Styles Angus, Brentford SD
March 12: Veltkamp Angus, Manhattan MT
March 13: Beck Angus/Corner Stone Angus at Ericson-Spalding Livestock Market, Ericson NE
March 13: Heart River Ranch/Open A Angus, Medora ND
March 13: Minnesota Angus Breeders' Sale at Olmsted Co. Fairgrounds, Rochester MN
March 13: Sitz Angus Bull Sale, Dillon MT
March 14: BJ Angus Genetics, Manhattan KS
March 14: Copeland Angus Ranch Online Sale, Paragould AR
March 14: Henke Angus, Salisbury MO
March 14: McCurry Angus Ranch, Burrton KS
March 14: Wheeler Mountain Angus, Highwood MT
March 15: Leadore Angus Ranch, Leadore ID
March 15: McKellar Angus, Mount Pleasant TX
March 15: Meadow Lawn Angus, Eastman WI
March 15: Montana Performance Bull Co-op™ with Basin Angus Ranch, Columbus MT
March 15: TD Angus at Rishel Ranch, North Platte NE
March 16: On Target Bull Sale Hereford and Angus, Blue Rapids KS
March 16: Janssen Red Angus Annual Bull Sale, Geneseo KS
March 16: CES Polled Herefords / Predestined Cattle Co. / Smith Angus, Partners in Progress XXXI Sale, Wadley GA
March 16: Landon Hays Memorial Angus Sale, Arcadia LA
March 16: Brinkley Angus Ranch, Milan MO (Green City MO)
March 16: Circle A Angus Ranch, Iberia MO
March 16: Gardel's Angus, Kearney NE
March 16: Gray's Angus Ranch, Harrison NE
March 16: Hales Angus Farm, Canyon TX
March 16: Harris Angus, Ottawa KS
March 16: Hays Bros. Angus Ranch, Arcadia LA
March 16: Mississippi Valley Angus Ass'n Sale, Palmyra MO
March 16: Molitor Angus Ranch, Zenda KS
March 16: Musgrave Angus, Griggsville IL
March 16: Nelson Angus Ranch, Salmon ID
March 16: Northeast Arkansas Angus Ass'n, Charlotte AR
March 16: Smith Angus Farm/Predestined Cattle Co., Wadley GA
March 16: South Montana Angus Ass'n Bull Sale, Butte MT
March 16: Ward Angus Ranch Bull Sale, Willard UT
March 16: Windy River Angus Private Treaty Opening Day, Bridger MT
March 17: April Valley Farms 22nd Annual Performance-Tested Angus Bull and Female Sale, St Joe MO
March 17: 2K Cattle Ent. Angus Sale, Glen Haven WI
March 17: Briarwood Angus, Butler MO
March 17: E.D. Angus, Ashby NE
March 17: Hanneken Angus, Pierz MN
March 17: Vision Quest Angus, Yates Center KS
March 17: Wabash Valley Angus Breeders' Sale, Harrisburg IL
March 18: Angus In The Basin, Duchesne UT
March 18: B&D Angus Bull Sale, Claflin KS
March 18: Baxter Angus, Rockham SD
March 18: Becker Farms Angus, Ballantine MT
March 18: Freouf Angus, Burwell NE
March 18: Hinkle's Prime Cut Angus, Nevada MO
March 18: B&D Herefords And Angus Annual Production Sale, Claflin KS
March 19: Bartels Angus, Riverton NE
March 19: Blevins Angus, Missoula MT
March 19: Hinkson Angus Ranch, Cottonwood Falls KS
March 20: 2 Bar Angus Bull Sale, Hereford TX
March 20: Mid-Kansas Angus Breeders' Sale, LaCrosse KS
March 20: Stevenson Angus, Hobson MT
March 20: Wagonhammer Angus Ranch, Bartlett NE
March 21: Benoit Angus Ranch, Esbon KS
March 21: Carter Angus Ranch Bull Sale, Pingree ID
March 21: DBL Angus Bull Sale, Fullerton NE
March 21: Malek Angus, Highwood MT
March 22: Roth Angus, Freeman SD
March 22: Sellman Angus Ranch, Crawford NE
March 22: Smith Angus Ranch, Bassett NE
March 22: Vermilion Angus, Billings MT
March 23: Candy Meadow Farms, The Cowman's Kind Bull & Female Sale, Lexington TN
March 23: Brand Angus Farm, Lake City MN
March 23: Connealy Angus Spring Bull Sale, Whitman NE
March 23: East Tennessee Angus Ass'n Sale at Un. of TN, Knoxville TN
March 23: Kramer Farms PT Angus Sale, Farina IL
March 23: Littlerobe Angus Ranch, Higgins TX
March 23: Lone Star Angus Bull Sale, Gainesville TX
March 23: Lunds B Bar Angus, Baker MT
March 23: MM Cattle/Glore/Georgia Angus Ass'n Sale, Bowdon GA
March 23: New Haven Angus, Leavenworth KS
March 23: Sauk Valley Angus Bull Sale, Rock Falls IL
March 23: Sinclair Angus Bull Sale, Buffalo WY
March 23: Worthington Angus, Dadeville MO
March 24: C/S Angus, Pomona MO
March 24: Leary Bros. Angus, Caledonia MN
March 24: Weers Angus, Fairbury NE
March 25: Cole Creek Angus, Columbus MT
March 25: Larsen Angus, Forsyth MT
March 25: Miller Angus of Estelline Bull Sale, Huron SD
March 25: Solid Rock Angus Bull Sale, Winchester KY
March 26: Frenzen Angus, Fullerton NE
March 26: Leachman Angus, Toston MT
March 26: Top Gun Angus, Lexington NE
March 27: Master Angus, Chinook MT
March 27: McCumber Angus Ranch Bull Sale, Rolette ND
March 27: Rossow Angus Ranch, Herreid SD 
March 28: 26th Annual McCabe Genetics Bull & Commercial Female Sale, Elk City KS
March 28: Jordan Cattle Special Bull Offering (Knox Angus), San Saba TX
March 28: Gartner-Denowh Angus Ranch, Sidney MT
March 28: Glasoe Angus, Wildrose ND (Sitting Bull Livestock Auction, Williston ND)
March 29: Silver Bit Angus Ranch Bull Sale, May ID
March 30: Clyde Still Angus Herd Retirement Dispersal, Lead Hill AR
March 30: Fink Beef Genetics Angus & Charolais Bull Sale, Randolph KS
March 31: Woody Angus Ranch, Barnard KS

April Sales... 

SS-Capitol Angus Bull Sale-04-06-19
April 1: Brockmere Farms Bull Sale, New Cambria MO
April 1: Gollaher Angus, Cascade MT
April 1: Green Garden Angus Ranch, Ellsworth KS
April 1: Herbster Angus Farms, Falls City NE (Marysville, KS)
April 1: Stewart Select Angus, Greensburg IN
April 1: Windmill Angus Ranch, Haigler NE
April 2: Daigger/Orr Bull Sale, North Platte NE
April 2: Hinman Angus, Malta MT
April 2: WEBO Angus, Lusk WY
April 3: 2J Angus, Ogden IA (Dunlap, IA)
April 3: Kirkes Black Angus Ranch, Talahina OK
April 3: Nissen Angus, Chinook MT
April 3: TK Angus Bull Sale, Valentine NE
April 4: A&B Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Bassett NE
April 4: Arntzen Angus, Hilger MT
April 4: Fox Angus Farm, Watertown SD
April 4: Hunter Angus, Fair Grove MO
April 4: Kaiser Angus Ranch, Park KS       
April 4: Minnesota Beef Cattle Improvement Ass'n (MBCIA) PT Bull Sale, Jackson MN
April 5: Dethlefs Angus Ranch/Treffer Angus Ranch, Loup City NE
April 5: Grass Time Partners, Mount Sterling KY
April 5: Meyer Cattle Co., Curryville MO
April 5: Midland Bull Test Angus Day, Columbus MT
April 5: Prairie View Farms, Gridley IL
April 5: SDSU Bull Sale, Brookings SD
April 5: Southeast Elite Female Sale, Perry GA
April 5: Springlake Angus & Guests, Lynch NE
April 6: Capitol Angus Bull Sale, Whitehouse TX
April 6: Angus in the Green Hills, Green City MO
April 6: Angus Opportunity Sale at Buckner & Jeffries Angus Farm, Canmer KY
April 6: Brooks' Chalky Butte Angus Ranch, Bowman ND
April 6: Double R Bar Ranch Bull Sale, Plymouth IN
April 6: Four States Angus Ass'n Sale, Springfield MO
April 6: Gardiner Angus Ranch 40th Annual Production Sale, Ashland KS
April 6: Grassy Valley Angus, Greeneville TN
April 6: Iowa Angus Ass'n PT Bull Sale, Lamoni IA
April 6: Kraye Angus, Mullen NE
April 6: Lawson Family Farm, Ewing VA
April 6: Panther Creek Ranch, Bowen IL
April 6: Reisig Angus, Hardin MT
April 6: Southern Indiana Angus Ass'n Sale, Little York IN
April 6: WBIA Bull Test Sale, Platteville WI
April 6: Wye Angus, Queenstown MD
April 7: Albrecht Angus, North Platte NE
April 7: Northern Indiana Angus Breeders' Sale, Logansport IN
April 7: OSU Cowboy Classic Sale, Stillwater OK
April 7: Pleasant Valley Farms & Friends, Shelbyville TN
April 8: 7 Bar Heart, Ulm MT
April 8: Bakers Lemar Angus Ranch at St. Onge Livestock, Saint Onge SD
April 8: Hillside Angus Ranch Online Show Heifer Sale, Pierce City MO
April 9: Gerber Land & Cattle, Richmond IN
April 9: Hilltop Angus Ranch Bull Sale, Denton MT
April 9: Sydenstricker Genetic Influence Sale, New Cambria MO
April 9: Thomas Ranch Bull Sale, Onida SD
April 10: Elevated Genetics, Cortez CO
April 10: Murray State College Sale, Tishomingo OK
April 10: Pass Creek Angus, Wyola MT
April 11: Connors State College Spring Bull Test, Warner OK
April 11: Montana's Northern Premier Angus Sale, Chinook MT
April 11: Smith Valley Angus, Salem MO
April 12: Bar JV Angus/Regency Acres Bull Sale, Fairview MT
April 12: Dandy Acres Angus Bull Sale, Pipestone MN
April 12: Gerloff Female Sale, Cuba MO
April 12: Southwest Ranchers Sale at Wheeler Farms, Chickasha OK
April 12-13: West Virginia Beef Expo, Weston WV
April 13: Blubaugh Angus Ranch, Tonakawa OK
April 13: Branch View Angus, Hustonville KY
April 13: C&C Performance Angus, Tina MO
April 13: Crazy K Angus, Michie TN
April 13: Griswold's Grass To Grid Bull Sale, Beaver OK
April 13: Howard County Angus Ass'n., Fayette MO
April 13: Knoll Crest Farm Bull & Commercial Heifer Sale, Red House VA
April 13: Montgomery Ranch, Carrington ND
April 13: Ogeechee/CAM Ranches, Wadley GA
April 13: Rambur Angus & Charolais, Sidney MT
April 13: Shady Brook Angus, Leoma TN
April 13: Southern Synergy, Wadley GA
April 13: West Virginia Angus Ass'n Sale, Weston WV
April 13: Woodhill Farms, Viroqua WI
April 14: Banner Elite Genetics Herd Reduction Sale, Chapel Hill TN
April 14: Heritage Farms, Shelbyville KY
April 14: Marks Family Purebred Angus, Waverly IA
April 15: Jorgensen Land & Cattle, Winner SD
April 15: Ohlde Cattle Co., Marysville KS
April 16: Checkerhill "Ladies with Style" Online Sale, West Plains MO
April 16: Cottonwood Angus Farms Bull Sale, Philip SD
April 16: Tifton HERD Sale, Irwinville GA
April 16: Treasure Test Bull Sale, Great Falls MT
April 17: McNamee Angus Ranch, Miles City MT
April 17: Milk River Angus, Chinook MT
April 17: Schaak Ranch, Philip SD
April 18: Big Dry Angus, Glasgow MT
April 18: IBEP Winter PT Bull Sale, Springville IN
April 18: Virginia Angus Ass'n GIFT Sale at Rockingham Co. Fairgrounds, Harrisonburg VA
April 18: Williams Lake Bull Sale, Williams Lake BC CN
April 19: Cowboy Logic, Talmo GA
April 19: DeGrand Angus, Glasgow MT
April 19: Friendship Farms, Canoochee GA
April 19: Joe Hammell's Freeburg Ridge Angus PT Bull Sale, Caledonia MN
April 19: Pine Creek Angus Ranch, Faith SD
April 20: Alabama Angus Ass'n, Cullman AL
April 20: Black Pines Angus, Vining MN
April 20: Britt Angus/Barcron Cattle, Hartwell GA
April 20: Central Kentucky Angus Ass'n, Danville KY
April 20: East Central Missouri Angus Ass'n, Cuba MO
April 20: Express Ranches Grass Time Sale, Yukon OK
April 20: Georgia Genetics, Hartwell GA
April 20: Lindskov-Thiel Bull Sale, Isabel SD
April 20: Mystic Hill Farm, Culpeper VA
April 20: St. Croix Valley Bull Test Sale, River Falls WI
April 23: Currant Creek Angus, Miles City MT
April 23: Grasstime Sale, Billings MT
April 23: Vollmer Angus, Wing ND
April 24: Opp Angus Ranch, Dickinson ND
April 24: Wedge Tent Ranch, Faith SD
April 25: Humberts North Country Breeders, Glasgow MT
April 25: Mengan Angus, Belle Fourche SD
April 26: McKean Bros. PT Angus Sale, Mercer PA
April 26: Medicine Rocks Ranch MT, Bowman ND
April 26: Rock Ridge Farms, Lawrenceburg KY
April 27: Bridges Angus Farm at Callaway Farms sale facility, Rayle GA
April 27: Collins Farms Commercial Angus Bred Heifer Sale, Cusseta AL
April 27: Edisto Pines, Leesville SC
April 27: Great Meadows Angus Ass'n at Reality Farms, Campbellsburg KY
April 27: Hallstrand Performance Angus, Prentice WI
April 27: Lesikar Angus Female Sale, Athens TX
April 27: Lone Star Angus Alliance Female Sale, Hallettsville TX
April 27: Louisiana Angus Ass'n Female Sale, Lecompte LA
April 27: Ogden Angus Ranch, Lockwood MO
April 27: Pleasant Hill, Rockfield KY 
April 27: Spring Grove Ranch, Appomattox VA
April 27: Straightstone/Wild Wind, Long Island VA
April 27: Upper Cumberland Angus Ass'n Sale, Cookeville TN 
April 27: Wicks Angus, Carpenter SD
April 27: Windy Hill Angus & Guests, Boaz AL
April 28: Quintin Smith Family & Guests, Lebanon TN
April 28: Rocking W Angus, Jefferson GA
April 28: Wisconsin Angus Breeders' Futurity Sale at Jackson Co. Fairgrounds, Black River Falls WI

May Sales... 

May 2: Breakfast at the Kentucky Derby Angus Sale at Churchill Downs, Louisville KY
May 2: Kopriva Angus, Raymond SD
May 2: McDonnell Angus Bull Sale, Bowman ND
May 3: Knoxville ICA Bull Test Sale, Knoxville IA
May 3: Paint Rock Angus Spring Sale, Hyattville WY
May 3: TAA Twilight at Tenroc, Salado TX
May 4: 44 Farms Female Sale, Cameron TX
May 4: Genomic Gems, Giddings TX
May 4: Mississippi Angus Ass'n Sale, Raymond MS
May 4: North Carolina Angus Ass'n Spring Fever Sale at Upper Piedmont Research Station, Reidsville NC
May 4: Quaker Hill Angus Rampage Sale, Louisa VA
May 4: Tennessee River Music Dixieland Delight Sale, Fort Payne AL
May 4: Trowbridge Farms Bull Sale at the Finger Lakes Livestock Exchange, Canandaigua NY
May 5: Bridge View Angus, Frankfort KY
May 5: Hillhouse Angus Female Sale, Schulenburg TX
May 6: Spickler Ranch South, Glenfield ND
May 11: A Bar Ranch Commercial Female Sale, Claremore OK
May 11: Country Lane Farm, Ringle WI
May 11: Mead Farms, Versailles MO
May 11: New York State Angus Sale at Trowbridge Farms, Ghent NY
May 11: Springfield Angus Female Sale, Louisburg NC
May 13: Gardiner Angus Ranch "Meating Demand" Bull Sale, Ashland KS
May 13: Wendel Livestock, Lamoure ND
May 18: Deer Valley Farm Spring Females, Fayetteville TN
May 18: Diamond J Angus, Mandan ND
May 18: Missouri/Kansas/Arkansas/Oklahoma Angus Sale at I-40 Livestock, Ozark AR
May 18: Primus Genetics Dispersal Sale, Union Grove NC
May 18: Southeast Angus Classic Female Sale, Opelika AL
May 18: Voss Angus, Dexter IA
May 18: WMC Cattle Co., Ladies of the Ozarks Sale, Wasola MO
May 19: Heuchert Willow Creek Angus, Hensel ND (Devils Lake, ND)
May 23: Big Timber Cattle Co. Online Sale, Lithia FL
May 25: Heritage Farms, Shelbyville KY
May 25: Marchi Angus, Polson MT
May 29: Calhoun HERD Sale, Calhoun GA