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Sales indexed by State



January 14: Univ. of Tennessee Sr. Bull Test Sale, Spring Hill TN
January 15: Urlacher Ranch Bull Sale, Regent ND
January 16: Redland Angus, Buffalo WY
January 16: Turtle Creek Angus/Hugh Ingalls' Centennial Angus, Faith SD
January 16: Violeta Beefmasters 60th Annual Production Sale, Randado TX
January 16: Univ. of Florida Bull Test Sale, Marianna FL
January 17: Jallo Angus Ranch, Fordville ND
January 18: Joseph Angus Ranch, Winner SD
January 19: Ken Haas, La Grange WY
January 21: Thomas Angus Wyoming, Cheyenne WY
January 22: Ruggles Angus, McCook NE
January 22: Texas Angus Ass'n Best of the West Bull Sale, Fort Worth TX
January 23: Hallettsville 4-H & FFA Commercial Female Sale, Hallettsville TX
January 23: Cattleman Bull & Female Sale, El Campo TX
January 23: Bobcat Angus, Great Falls MT   
January 23: Little Goose Angus, Buffalo WY
January 23—Rolling B Ranch Inaugural Angus Bull Sale, Yatesville GA
January 23: Texas Angus Ass'n Stars of Texas Female Sale, Fort Worth TX
January 24: Classic Angus Ranch, Regent ND
January 25: Edgar Brothers, Rockham SD
January 26: ADR Cattle Co., Atkinson NE
January 26: Huwa Cattle Co., Roggen CO
January 27: Bear Mtn. Angus Bull Sale, Palisade NE
January 28: Marcy Cattle Co., Gordon NE    
January 29: McConnell Angus, Dix NE
January 30: Frio County Junior Livestock Commercial Heifer Show & Sale, Pearsall TX
January 30: 21 Angus Ranch, New England ND
January 30: Baldridge Performance Angus, North Platte NE
January 30: Dennis Charolais Farms & Guests BeefGene Bull Sale, Sulphur Springs TX




February 1:  Apex Cattle SimAngus Bull & Bred Heifer Sale, Dannebrog, NE
February 1:  Black Hills Stock Show Angus Show & Sale, Rapid City, SD
February 1:  Martin Angus Ranch, Ogallala, NE
February 1: Mike Sitz Angus, Burwell, NE
February 1: 31st Annual Production Sale, Amherst, NE
February 1: Performance Plus Maine-Anjou Bull Sale, Springfield, SD
February 1: Annual Angus Bull & Female Sale, Frederick, SD
February 1: Pelton Polled Herefords Production Sale, Halliday ND
February 2: Babcock Angus, Long Pine, NE
February 2: Hoover Angus Farm, Ellston, IA  
February 2: Twedt Red Angus Annual Production Sale, McHenry, ND
February 2: Babcock Angus Bull & Female Sale, Long Pine, NE
February 2: Durhams for the Dakotas Sale, Kathryn, ND
February 3: Ressler Angus Ranch Annual Production Sale, Cooperstown, ND
February 3: Seevers Angus 8th Annual Angus Bull Sale, Burwell, NE
February 3: Lazy C Diamond Ranch Annual Simmental Bull & Female Sale, Kintyre, ND       
February 3: Cline Angus, Valentine, NE    
February 3: Ressler Angus, Cooperstown, ND      
February 3: Seevers Angus, Burwell, NE   
February 4: Barstow Angus Ranch, Springview, NE
February 4: Idland Cattle Co., Glendive, MT
February 4: Topp Angus, Grace City, ND  
February 4: Burgess Angus Bull Sale, Homedale, ID
February 4: Stroh Herefords Production Sale, Killdeer, ND
February 4: Ridder Herefords Bull And Female Sale, Callaway, NE
February 4: Stavick Simmentals Annual "King of the range" Bull & Female Sale, Aberdeen, SD
February 4: K2 Red Angus Spring Bull Sale, Wheatland, WY
February 5: Healy Simmental Annual Production Sale, Yankton, SD
February 5: Kunkel Simmentals Annual Bull & Female Sale, New Salem, ND
February 5: Severance Diamond Charolais & Angus & Zehnder Waage Partnership Performance Bull Sale, Mandan, ND
February 5: Baumgarten Cattle Company 18th Annual Bull Sale, Belfield, ND
18th Annual Bull Sale
February 5: Schooley Cattle Company Annual Simmental & Angus Bull & Female Sale, Bloomfield, IA
February 5: Cammack Farms, Beatrice, NE
February 5: Duzan Angus, Lexington, IL
February 5: Maher Angus Ranch, Morristown, SD
February 5: Poss Angus, Scotia, NE
February 5: Severance Angus Bull Saleat Kist Livestock Auction, Mandan, ND
February 5: Spring Valley Ranch, Burwell, NE
February 5: Dvorak Herefords Bull Sale, Lake Andes, SD
February 5: Baumgarten Cattle Co. Production Sale, Belfield, ND
February 5: Elkington Polled Herefords Bull Sale, Idaho Falls, ID
February 6: JM Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Lawrenceburg, TN
February 6: Messner Herefords Sale, Slapout, OK
February 6: Clemson Bull Test 45th Annual Clemson Bull Sale, Clemson, SC
February 6: Northland Farms Simmental & SimAngus HERDBUILDER VII, Arthur, IL
February 6: Horsley Brothers Annual Bull & Bred Female Sale, Toulon, IL
February 6: Klain Simmental Ranch Annual Production Sale, Ruso, ND
February 6: Springer Simmentals Value Based Simmental Genetics Bull & Female Sale, Decorah, IA
February 6: G&D Simmentals / Martin Simmentals Annual Production Sale, Devils Lake, ND
February 6: Upstream Ranch Bull Sale, Taylor, NE
February 6: South Texas Hereford Association Spring Sale Beeville, TX
February 6: Clemson Bull Test, Clemson, SC
February 6: Ellingson Angus, Saint Anthony, ND
February 6: Graff/Tumbling T Angus, Ogallala, NE
February 6: Hill 70 Quantock Ranch Bull Sale, Lloydminster, AB
February 6: Horsley Bros., Toulon, IL
February 6: Klamath Falls Bull Sale, Klamath Falls, OR
February 6: Makovicka Angus, Rising City, NE
February 6: Messner Ranch, Laverne, OK
February 6: NE Alabama Performance Breeders' Bull Sale, Cullman, AL
February 6: Prairie Creek Angus, Pleasant Plains, IL
February 7: Frey Angus Ranch, Granville, ND
February 8: BB Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Connell, WA 
February 8: Logterman Family Production Sale Valentine, NE
February 8: Fawcett’s Elm Creek Ranch Bull Sale Ree Heights, SD
February 8: Felton Angus, Springdale, MT
February 8: Koupal Angus/Koupal's B&B Angus, Dante, SD
February 8: Pilakowski Angus, Arthur, NE
February 8:  Sletten Angus Ranch, Faith, SD          
February 8: Brenda Simmentals Annual Bull Sale, Kimball, SD
February 9: Werning Cattle Company 39th Annual Simmental Bull & Female Sale, Emery, SD
February 9: Arrow Crown Angus, Scottsbluff, NE 
February 9: Kuck Ranch, Lexington, NE    
February 9: Petersek's Raven Angus Ranch, Colome, SD 
February 9: South Mtn. Cattle Bull Sale, Caldwell, ID
February 10: Jindra Angus, Clarkson, NE   
February 10: Friedt Herefords Annual Production Sale, Dickinson, ND
February 10: Durbin Creek Ranch Bull Sale, Thermopolis, WY
February 10: Meadow Acres Bull Sale, Echo, OR
February 10: Miske Angus, Glendive, MT  
February 11: Booth's Cherry Creek, Veteran, WY
February 11: Green Valley Ranch, Atkinson, NE
February 11: Hoffman Angus, Wheatland, ND       
February 11: Wittkopp Angus, Glasgow, MT          
February 12: Bar KD Ranch/Lambert Ranch Modoc Bull Sale, Alturas, CA S
February 12: Crooked Creek Angus Burlington, Junction, MO
February 12: Dutch Flat Angus Bull Sale, Pomeroy, WA
February 12: Powder River Angus, Buffalo, WY
February 12: Talkington Angus Ranch, Belfield, ND
February 12: Vandeberghe's Flying V Angus, Cleveland, ND
February 12: Vin-Mar Cattle Co., Gordon, NE
February 12: Topp Herefords Annual Production Sale, Grace City, ND
February 12: Lambert Ranch Modoc Bull Sale, Alturas, CA
February 12: Vin-Mar Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Rushville, NE
February 12: Black Crest Farm, Sumter, SC       
February 12: Bata-Bell Joint Simmental Bull & Female Sale, Rugby, ND
February 12: Honeymoon Charolais 32nd Annual Bull Sale, Bowman, ND
February 13: Bradley 3 Ranch Ltd. Wide Body Bull Sale, Estelline, TX
February 13: Stewart Charolais & Red Angus 14th Annual Bull Sale, Madison, ND
February 13: Treftz Limousin ‘Where Muscle Still Matters’ Sale, Wetonka, SD
February 13: J & N Ranch Black Herefords 32nd Annual Spring Sale, Leavenworth, KS
February 13: Rousey SimAngus Annual Bull Sale, North Platte, NE
February 13: Prairie Hills Gelbvieh Annual Production Sale, Gladstone, ND
February 13: Conley/Penner Bull & Commercial Female Sale, Ada, OK     
February 13: EZ Angus Ranch-Oregon Division Private Treaty Bull Sale, Myrtle Creek, OR          
February 13: Gem State Classic Sale, Twin Falls, ID
February 13: Schaff Angus Valley, Saint Anthony, ND        
February 13: Turnpike Creek Farms, Milan, GA      
February 13: Brown's Angus Ranch, Center, ND    
February 14: Dixie National ROV Angus Show, Jackson, MS
February 14: Mrnak Hereford Ranch Production Sale, Bowman, ND
February 15: Rausch Herefords Annual Production Sale, Hoven, SD
February 15: Albrecht/Penz 10th Annual President's Day Angus Bull & Female Sale, Caddo, OK
February 15: Frank Cattle Co., Chappell, NE          
February 15: Rennert Ranch, Heart-J Char-Lay, & Stull Cattle "Performance on the Platte" Charolais Bull Sale, Cozad, NE 
February 15: Graesser Bros. Angus Bull Sale, Winner, SD  
February 15: Teixeira Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Terrebonne, OR
February 15: Tokach Angus Ranch, Saint Anthony, ND
February 15: Weaver Angus,Fort Collins, CO
February 16: Cedar Top Ranch, Burwell, NE           
February 16: Coleman Angus, Missoula, MT          
February 16: HoosCow Angus, Gordon, NE S
February 16: Kessler Angus Bull Sale, Milton-Freewater, OR         
February 16: Moke Angus, Corsica, SD       
February 16: Reverse Rocking R, Maxwell, NM     
February 16: Bar JZ Ranches Bull Sale, Holabird, SD
February 17: Iowa Beef Expo Hereford Sale, Des Moines, IA
February 17: Shaw Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Caldwell, ID 
February 17: Hilltop Angus Ranch, Bowdle, SD      
February 17: Millar Angus, Sturgis, SD
February 17: Montana Ranch, Bigfork, MT 
February 17:  OK&T Angus Ass'n, Buffalo, OK         
February 17: Ostrand Angus , Sargent, NE
February 17: Shaw Cattle Bull Sale, Caldwell, ID    
February 18: Krebs Ranch, Gordon, NE      
February 18: Mogck & Sons Angus, Olivet, SD       
February 18: Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic, Kearney, NE
February 18: Lowell Fisher Family Herefords Production Sale, Spencer, NE
February 18: Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Hereford Bull Sale, Kearney, NE
February 19: Hoffman Ranch Bull Sale, Thedford, NE
February 19: White Hawk Ranch Beef Maker Bull Sale, Buchanan, GA
February 19: Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Hereford Female Sale, Kearney, NE
February 19: Angus Alliance Bull Sale, Ellensburg, WA
February 19: Black Top Angus & Hereford, Mitchell, SD    
February 19: Bullerman Angus, Adrian, MN
February 19: Galaxy Beef, Macon, MO       
February 19: Grandview Angus, Rapid City, SD
February 19: Green Lake Angus at Wishek Livestock, Wishek, ND
February 19: Hoffman Ranch, Thedford, NE
February 19: Lundgren Angus Ranch, Gove, KS
February 19: Price Cattle Bull Sale, Echo, OR
February 19: R Lazy B Ranch Annual Charolais Bull Sale, Aberdeen, SD
February 20: Double T Simmentals Annual Production Sale, Turtle Lake, ND
February 20: Byergo Angus, Savannah, MO
February 20: Foundation Angus Alliance Sale, Luling, TX   
February 20: JR/Sackmann Bull Sale, Othello, WA 
February 20: Minert-Simonson, Dunning, NE         
February 20: PABCO Performance Bull Sale , Madras, OR
February 20: Pine View Angus, Colesburg, IA
February 20: Riley Bros. Bull Sale, Darlington, WI
February 20: Schiefelbein Angus Farms, Kimball, MN
February 20: Southern Cattlemen's Sale, Hattiesburg, MS
February 20: Strommen Ranch Bull Sale, Fort Rice, ND
February 20: Varilek Angus Ranch, Geddes, SD
February 20: Southern Cattlemen’s Bull & Female Sale, Hattiesburg, MS
February 20: Magnolia Hereford Assn. Sale, Magnolia, AR
February 20: Walters Angus , Hudson, CO
February 20: Yon Family Farms, Ridge Spring, SC
February 20: Bruner Angus Ranch, Drake, ND
February 20: Bruning Farms , Fairbury, NE 
February 21: Gaffney Family Cattle, Barneveld, WI
February 22: Circle L Angus, Dillon, MT
February 22: Colyer Cattle Bull Sale, Bruneau, ID  
February 22: Foxhoven Angus, Crofton, NE
February 22: Hart Angus Farms, Frederick, SD     
February 22: Colyer Herefords Production Sale, Bruneau, ID  
February 22: Heritage Bull Sale, Perkins, OK
February 22: Oklahoma Panhandle State Bull Sale, Goodwell, OK
February 22: Reyes/Russell, Wheatland, WY
February 22: Lehrman Family 8th Annual Simmental Bull & Female Sale, Mitchell, SD
February 23: Deckert Simmental and Red Angus Spring Bull Sale, Steele, ND
February 23: Barker Cattle Bull Sale , Burley, ID
February 23: Chatel Farms Online Female Sale, Reidsville, GA
February 23: Connelly Angus, Valier, MT
February 23: Deep Creek Angus Ranch, Midland, SD
February 23: Frese Angus, Columbus, NE
February 23: Haynes Cattle Co., Ogallala, NE
February 23: J.C. Heiken & Sons, Miles City, MT
February 23: Landmark Angus, Atkinson, NE
February 23: Rock Creek Livestock Angus Sale, Mitchell, SD
February 24: Chestnut Angus Bull Sale, Pipestone, MN
February 24: Hunt Angus, Merna, NE
February 24: Mt Rushmore Angus Ranch Bull Sale, Rapid City, SD
February 24: Quartermaster Creek Ranch, Leedey, OK      
February 24: Stortz Gibb, Glendive, MT
February 24: TC Ranch, Franklin, NE
February 24: Wooden Shoe Farms Bull Sale, Blackfoot, ID
February 25: Advertising Deadline for the April Angus Journal, Saint Joseph, MO
February 25: Botts Angus Ranch Bull Sale, Enterprise, OR
February 25: GG&T Cattle Co., Quinter, KS
February 25: Symens Brothers Limouisin 41st Annual Bull & Female Sale, Amherst, SD
February 25: Moore Angus Bull Sale, Artesian, SD
February 25: Van Dyke Angus, Manhattan, MT
February 26: Deppe Angus PT Sale, Waverly, IA
February 26: Hiline Angus, Three Forks, MT
February 26: Illinois Angus Futurity Sale, Springfield, IL     
February 26: Peckenpaugh Angus Bull Sale, Carthage, SD 
February 26: Skinner Ranch Seedstock, Hall, MT   
February 26: Southwest Angus Genetics, Dodge City, KS
February 26: Jamison Herefords Bull Sale, Quinter, KS
February 26: Gant Polled Herefords Bull Sale, Geddes, SD
February 27: Seedstock Plus North Missouri Bull Sale, Kingsville MO
February 27: Colorado State University Bull And Female Sale, Ft. Collins, CO
February 27: Kreth Herefords Production Sale, Mt. Vernon, SD
February 27: Ts Ranch Bull Sale, Cottonwood Falls, KS
February 27: Tegtmeier Polled Herefords Production Sale, Burchard, NE
February 27: 44 Farms Bull Sale, Cameron, TX
February 27: Baker Angus Bull Sale, Vale, OR
February 27: Bush Angus Sale, Britton, SD 
February 27: Carlson Angus and Classic Angus Bull Sale, Mott, ND
February 27: Lazy Black Diamond Ranch Bull Sale, Kearney, NE
Febriary 27: Meadows Creek Sale, Montgomery Stockyards, AL
February 27: Missouri Angus Breeders' Futurity Sale, Columbia, MO
February 27: Never Sweat Ranch, Missoula, MT    
February 27: Ranchers Choice Bull Sale, Othello, WA
February 27: RV Bar Angus Bull Sale, Jensen, UT   
February 27: Saluda County Cattlemen's Ass'n Commercial Heifer Sale, Saluda, SC
February 27: Stratford Angus, Pratt, KS      
February 27: Swanson Cattle Co., Oxford, NE        
February 27: Trail's End Angus, Riverside, IA          
February 27: Hunt’s H+ Brangus Bull & Female Sale, Calhoun, GA
February 27: Cannon Charolais Ranch 8th Annual Sale, Newton, IA
February 27: Yearous Cattle Co. Bull & Commercial Female Sale, Fort Morgan, CO
February 28: Buchanan Bull Sale, Klamath Falls, OR          
February 28: Carlson Cattle Co., Columbus, NE
February 28: Raml Cattle Bull Sale, Goodwin, SD 
February 28: Voss Angus, Dexter, IA
February 28: Woolfolk Farms Bull Sale, Columbia, TN




March 6: Seedstock Plus Arkansas Bull & Female Sale, Hope AR
March 6: Quality & Performance Breeders Angus Bull Sale, Mt. Hermon LA
March 6: South Texas Cattle Marketing "Cattleman's Opportunity" Replacement Female Sale, Nixon TX
March 10: R.A. Brown Angus & Red Angus Bull Sale, Throckmorton TX
March 13: Seedstock Plus Red Reward Bull & Female Sale, Osceola MO
March 20: Hales Angus Farm Production Sale, Canyon TX
March 20: Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Spring Sale, Three Rivers TX
March 13: Jones Cattle Company Annual Production Sale, Hondo TX
March 16: Flying S Herefords 7th Annual Line One Production Sale, Paluxy TX
March 20: Texoma Beefmaster Bull & Female Sale, McAlester OK
March 21: Leland Red Angus Ranch Annual Production Sale, Sidney MT
March 27: Seedstock Plus South Missouri Bull & Female Sale, Carthage MO
March 27: Emmons Ranch Beefmaster Bull Sale, Groesbeck TX




April 17: Charolais Association of Texas Spring Sale, Gainesville TX
April 23: Flint Hills Classic Spring Sale, Paxico KS
April 24: Lesikar Angus Female Sale, Athens TX




May 1: Charolais Sale of Excellence, College Station TX
May 1: Cowboy Heritage Beefmaster Sale, Oklahoma City OK
May 1: Southern Alliance Beefmaster Sale, Cullman AL
May 8: Central States Beefmaster Breeders Sale, Locust Grove OK
May 15: Swinging B & Friends Beefmaster Sale, Salado TX
May 22: Get Back to Grass Sale, Henderson TX




June 12: Wallen Prairie Ranch Beefmaster Sale, Lockwood MO
June 26: Southern Tradition XXI Beefmaster Sale, Savannah TN




August 7: J&T Farms Beefmaster Production Sale, Lexington TN
August 21: Emmons Ranch Beefmaster Sale, Bryan TX
August 28: Southeastern Beefmaster Breeders Convention Sale, Lexington TN




September 11: Arkansas BBA Beefmaster Sale, Damascus AR
September 24: Beef On Forage Florida Beefmaster Bull Sale, Arcadia FL
September 24-25: Flint Hills Classic Female & Bull Sale, Paxico KS


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