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Would you like to make $30 to $40 per head more?  Then lower your marketing costs.

TCR offers a Low-Cost & No-Risk Marketing Option that costs $30 to $40 per head less than selling at auction.

Cost per head of Selling @ Auction...

Commission & Yardage: Averages compiled from 32 major livestock auctions in North Central, South Central, Western, and Southeastern States.
Freight Cost per head: Based on a 75 mile haul @ $3.75 per mile for a 48,000+ lb. load.
Shrink: University studies have shown that cattle loaded, hauled to an auction, sorted, and left standing in a pen for several hours before being sold and weighed, can shrink in excess of 5%. The cost above is based on a 3.75% total shrink, less the 2% shrink commonly imposed on cattle weighed on a scale at the ranch, which equates to an additional shrink of 1.75% if sold at auction.  Actual results could be more or less, depending on conditions.
Low-Cost because TCR’s Fees are a fraction of the cost of selling at auction:
  • Fall Special: $6 per head for 25 to 99 head & Premium Listing @ NO Charge
  • $5 per head for 100+ Head & Flash Banner @ NO Charge
  • Premium Listing & Flash Banner contingent upon good quality photos available.
No-Risk because there is No Charge to List Cattle for Sale:
  • You pay a sale fee only if you sell to a buyer originating from the website
  • If sold otherwise, you pay nothing
  • Not an Internet Auction – Buyers & Sellers Deal Directly
You have nothing to lose... If your don't sell to a buyer from The Cattle Range, you still have all of your other marketing options available.  It will only take you a few minutes to take photos and/or videos of your cattle and about 5 minutes to enter the cattle information in the Listing Form
Effective Marketing is the Most Efficient Way to Improve the Bottom Line


Advantages for Sellers... TCR provides both time on the market and exposure to large numbers of buyers.

Unlike most private treaty sales in which cattle are offered to only a few buyers, The Cattle Range exposes cattle to large numbers of buyers, most of whom would never know about your cattle or that they are for sale.
And unlike selling at auction where the cattle are only ‘on the market’ for a short time and are offered to a limited number of buyers, cattle listed for sale on The Cattle Range are exposed to large numbers of geographically-diverse buyers and the cattle can remain 'on the market' until sold.
Additionally, unlike selling at auction, you don’t take a chance on what they'll bring.  Whether selling at the local auction, an Internet auction, or a video auction, your cattle will only be ‘on the market’ on a specific day and for only a short period of time.  If your ‘sale day’ coincides with a day when the futures are down the limit or a ‘Black Swan’ event is announced, your cattle might bring $5+ per cwt. less than you anticipated.
Interested buyers contact sellers directly, allowing time to consider offers and negotiate, increasing the odds of making the best deal available.

Advantages for Buyers...

Buying cattle listed for sale on The Cattle Range allows viewing the cattle in their home environment from which their quality, care received, and dispositions can be accurately assessed.
Additionally, buying cattle ‘in the country’ significantly reduces the risk of bringing home cattle exposed to or infected with contagious diseases.

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