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The Cattle Range is the “Leader in Internet Marketing of Cattle” with over 60,000 head of cattle of all classes and breeds listed for sale in 45+ States and Canadian Provinces.
In addition to offering large numbers of cattle for sale, TCR provides comprehensive auction results, market data, analysis, and news, as well as a widely-read Weekly Market Summary.
With the unmatched and ever-changing inventory of cattle listed for sale, accurate and timely market information, combined with a top Google ranking, TCR is a magnet for cattlemen with operations of all sizes from all over North America and the world.
This "magnetism" has resulted in TCR being at the top of cattle-related sites on the web with thousands of cattlemen visiting the site daily.  

Average Monthly Metrics… Source: Google Analytics

  • 128,927 Unique Visitors... 72,486 Returning Visitors & 55,441 New Visitors
  • Over 2.5 Million page views for an average of 83,000+ per day
Our traffic is ‘real traffic’… Unlike many websites with over 50% of traffic from ‘Bots’, TCR utilizes a Microsoft Azure server with a state-of-the-art firewall that blocks most bad bot traffic.  Bad Bots are engineered for malicious use and significantly inflate traffic to unprotected websites.
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