1 Reg. Angus Pair... Northeast TX (1)

Listing Number
Northeast Texas
Ship From
Sulphur Springs TX
Number for Sale
1 Cow
Home grown
7 years old
Est. Weight
Moderate to Large
Medium Flesh
Vira-Shield 6+VL5 & Ultrabac 8
Bermuda, Ryegrass, hay & mineral
Bred Back To
GB Fireball 672 Reg. Angus Bull... AAA Reg.# 18690054
Preg Checked
Already Checked
# Calves
1 Calf
Sired By
Angus sire, "GAR Inertia 5226"
DOB: 9/26/2019
55 lbs.
Moderate to Large
Medium Flesh
Delivery Date
After October 15th
Payment Terms
Verified Check, Wire Transfer or Cash
Contact Information
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Nice Reg. Angus pair...


  • GAR INERTIA 5226 - AAA Reg #: 18636043 (AI Sire to Calf G039).
    • Inertia offers one of the most imposing data & phenotype combinations to ever come out of the illustrious Gardiner Angus program.
    • Wide based, powerfully constructed bull that combines an unprecedented degree of Marbling & phenotypic muscle.
    • Ranks in the top 5% of the population for 11 traits & indexes including the top 1% for Marbling, $Weaning & $Beef.
    • Elite of the elite for his combination of Method Genetics Indexes: Top 1% MPI, QPI & ROI.
  • Lesikar Queen Idelette Z283 - AAA Reg #: 17169881
    • 9 Angus Path Finders start this girl off, & she is a cow’s cow.
    • I can’t believe Dad is letting this one go, at any price.
    • She adds in an incredible length to the rib, she is long, wide & beautifully built.
    • When 100 cows are grazing, she stands out from a football field away.
    • How can I get you a mental picture of this girl?
    • Well let me just name some genetics this girl brings to your herd, this is not even all of the greats in this one.
    • Connealy, Sitz, Leachman, 6807, SAV, Idelette, Boyd, Conanga & Vermilion.
    • Add in GAR genetics of her new calf born 9/26/2019 & this is one I am going to miss when she’s gone.
    • A Daughter of Vermilion Dateline 7078 & a Granddaughter of S A V 8180 Traveler 004... it just keeps getting better.
    • Top 20% RADG, 25% YH, 25% MW, 30% Angle, 30% $F, 30% CW & 35% Doc, 35% MH, 35% CW.
    • Confirmed by Ultrasound, bred back to GB Fireball 672 AAA Reg #:18690054 WOW!
    • What a combination this girl and Fireball.
    • You have seen what she produced with GAR Inertia, I can’t wait to see this little “Fireball”, it will be off the charts!
    • Check out Fireball’s EPD’s
  • 1860 Inertia Queen G039 - AAA Reg #: 19603896
    • Born 9/26/2019
    • What-A-Calf, out of a great cow & one of the Top Sires GAR Inertia 5226.
    • When you look at her length & phenotype, add in his TOP 1% numbers in WW, Marb & $B.
    • Add to that his TOP 1% Method Genetics Indexes of MPI, QPI & ROI, you can began to understand what type of “Front Pasture” girl this is going to be.
    • Angus GS DNA Tested 15 Top EPD’s with 7 of those in the Top 3%.
    • Qualified- CAB “Targeting the Brand” Genetics Top 1% $W, Milk, Top 2% WW, CW, Top 3% YW, $F, $B, YH, Top 5% Doc, Top 10% RADG, MH, MW, Top 15% Marb, $G, Top 25% SC.
  • Call or e-mail if you have any questions.
Britt Ross
Royse City , Texas
Home Phone: 214.478.6446
Best Time to Call: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

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