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High quaity embryos for sale from Gardiner Angus donor cows...

  • Embryos from former Gardiner Angus and/or Gardiner Satellite donors available for immediate shipment.
  • Donors have top tier AAA EPD's & Method genetics index rankings.
  • 24 embryos are sired by the deceased & highly sought after "HPCA Intensity."
  • Intensity's only 10 daughters to sell at Hinkle's Prime Cut Angus have averaged $16,150 each.
  • There is no more Intensity semen, these embryos are the last chance to own his progeny.
  • Additional embryos sired by the young GAR stud "GAR Quantum."
  • Donor #1: GAR Prophet 374 - AAA Reg #: 17965157
    • Mating A: HPCA Intensity (AAA Reg #: 17366506) 17 embryos
    • Mating B: GAR Quantum (AAA Reg #: 18636059) 1 embryo
    • GAR Prophet 374 is a best in breed donor for calving ease, rapid growth & carcass merit.
    • She carries her prolific genetic merit in an easy moving, feminine & structurally sound phenotype.
    • 374 has served as a donor cow for Gardiner Angus Ranch in Kansas & Ogeechee Angus & Travis Bunch in Georgia.
    • Her dam, GAR Daybreak 1201, is a beautiful MCC Daybreak daughter from a long line of important donors that goes back to GAR Precision 2536.
    • 1201 has served as a donor for Gardiner Angus Ranch in Kansas, Big Timber Cattle Company in Florida & Daltons on the Sycamore in Virginia & today serves as a donor for Bailey Patterson in Texas.
    • To date, 374’s progeny have averaged an IMF scan ratio of 122 and a ribeye scan ratio of 106 at Gardiner Angus Ranch.
    • Her son GAR Momentum 6116 was a $16,000 feature of the 2018 Gardiner Angus April production sale.
    • 6116 posted a 7.49% IMF scan & 15.2 inch ribeye scan to ratio 123 for both.
    • 374's outstanding American Angus Association EPD package includes top 1% rankings for Calving Ease Direct, Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Marbling & $Weaning Index.
    • She boasts a top 10% $Beef Index, too.
    • She does this all with an impressive Mature Weight EPD of just +28 (putting her in the bottom 55% of breed for mature cow size).
    • Breed leading growth & carcass in a moderate mature frame is hard to do.
    • 374 is one of the rare females that nails this combination that is so profitable for the rancher, the feedlot operator & the packer.
    • 374 has impressive Method Genetics rankings of top 3% Maternal Production Index, top 2% Quality Pounds Index & top 2% Retained Ownership Index.
    • By any measure she is an exceptional donor cow.
    • Her mating to Intensity represents a unique & rare opportunity to push the upper limits of profitability in the Angus breed today.
  • Donor #2: CAM Prophet A5055 - AAA Reg #: 18430644.
    • Mating A: HPCA Intensity (AAA Reg #: 17366506) 7 embryos
    • Mating B: GAR Quantum (AAA Reg #: 18636059) 6 embryo
    • CAM Prophet A5055 was a 2018 lead donor for CAM Ranches in Georgia & a feature of the donors offered in the 2018 Southern Synergy production sale.
    • She is a powerful growth specialist sired by GAR Prophet & out of a highly productive B/R Ambush 28 daughter that was a $10,000 featured donor for both CAM & Ogeechee Angus in a past Southern Synergy sale.
    • A5055's American Angus Association genetic profile reflects her incredible merit through top 1% Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Docility and Carcass Weight EPD's & top 1% $Weaning & $Beef indexes.
    • She also posts breed leading Method Genetics indexes of top 2% Maternal Production Index, top 13% Quality Pounds Index & top 3% Retained Ownership Index.
  • For more information click here.
  • Call or e-mail if you have any questions.
John Melton
Bridgewater , Virginia
Home Phone: 561.315.1074
Best Time to Call: Before 9:00 PM

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The problem is that the check is counterfeit.  An unwary seller deposits the check and wires the "freight costs to the trucking company."  A few days later, the seller's bank contacts him to advise him the check is a fake and his $1,500.00 is gone.

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