100 Santa Gertrudis & Santa Gertrudis/Red Angus Cows... South TX

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South Texas
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Edinburg, Texas
Red Angus, Santa Gertrudis
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100 Santa Gertrudis & Santa Gertrudis/Red Angus Cows & Bred Heifers... Also, 35 yearling heifers.
Cows: 8 years old, which are donor cows he flushed to 14 month old heifers. Most of this herd is 4 years old to the heifers.
Est. Weight
Current & dewormed
Polled - Dehorned
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American Red Bulls ( Santa Gertrudis x Red Angus)
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Calving now... 20+ Calves as of mid December
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All right guys... Here is a unique opportunity to get in the Santa Gertrudis breed

Around 2018 this herd was established. It was established by going to the Santa Gertrudis sales and buying the best cows offered. He took those donor cows and flushed them to some of the leading Santa Gertrudis and Red Angus bulls. There are not enough adjectives I can use to describe these cattle. The Santa Gertrudis and American Red Angus cross are phenomenal. The American Reds make a great herd of cows plus they are bred to 2 tremendous American Red Bulls. Whoever purchases them can use the top shelf genetics that the breeder already established in these cattle. These cows for a variety of cattleman’s needs throughout the beef industry. If you are a purebred producer trying to raised great Santa Gertrudis stock, this herd works for you, if you are trying to raised great American show steers and heifers, this is definitely the her for you. If you are a rancher looking for embryo recip. Cows. These American Reds are the ladies for you. Or finally if you are just a rancher looking to raised big stout cows that press down the scales and allow you to keep heifers back for your herd, these cows will work great for you. Whatever your position in the beef industry these ladies will be an asset to you and your ranch.

Clay Nohavitza
El Campo, Texas
Cell Phone: 979.541.6703

NO SOLICITATIONS... To do so makes you both a nuisance and unethical.

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