27 Angus, Brangus and Charolais Cows... Central TX

Listing Number
Central Texas
Ship From
Temple, TX
Angus, Brangus, Charolais
Number for Sale
27 Head
2-6 years with a couple of Solid Mouth cows in the group
Est. Weight
950 lbs (average)
Moderate to Large
Medium Flesh
Horned and polled
Bred To
Preg Checked
Selling as Exposed
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27 head of most Angus and Brangus with a few Charolais Cross cows...

  • Selling as exposed to a good Brangus bull.
  • They’ll be aged 2 years to 6 years old with a couple of solid mouth cows in the group.
  • They were nearly all wet bag cows when we turned them out with the bull on September 21. They were worked with vaccines and wormer then.
  • They’ll come to cubes and are easy to handle.
  • They‘ll weigh 950 on average and all look like they just weaned calves.
  • They were palpated open in September and blood tested at the same time. A handful blood tested bred already. There were probably several that weren’t far enough for the blood to pick up and the bull has probably picked up more. They will still need a bull with them though.
  • They’re a pretty good set of turn out cows. If someone has some extra grass or hay, set these ladies loose and forget about them! They’ll make you money.
  • Take the set of 27 with free delivery the first 200 miles of Temple, TX for $800/head.
  • Or take a gate cut of 18 with free delivery the first 150 miles of Temple, TX for $810/head.
  • Or take a gate cut of ten or more for $840/head with free delivery the first 75 miles of Temple, TX. On the smaller gate cuts we can make sure the yellows don’t get in the trailer if preferred.
  • See video at RiBear Cattle Co. or call\/text 254-931-8910. Thanks!
Andrew Tiner
Temple, Texas
Home Phone: 254-931-8910

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