225 Angus, BWF, Red Angus, & RWF Cows... S Central ND

Listing Number
S. Central North Dakota
Ship From
Napoleon ND
Angus, Red Angus
Number for Sale
225 Head
3 to 6 years old
Est. Weight
Average 1,325 lbs.
Multimin 90, Dectomax Injectable & Poured w/ Clean Up
High Forage Ration
Bred To
Angus Bulls
Preg Checked
Already Checked
By Whom
Ashley Vet Clinic
Start Calving
Mid May
Finish Calving
Mid July
Sell Part/All
48,000 lb. Load Lots
Delivery Date
Available Now
$1,515 per head
Payment Terms
Wire Transfer
Contact Information
Cattle Range Listing Image
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Beautiful young cows that are gentle and easy to work with...

  • 225 head total of young 3rd trimester cows.
  • Cows will range from 3 to 6 but most are 3 and 4 years old.
  • They are double tagged for there age and are due to start calving right now for the next 60 days.
  • Bred to black Angus bulls.
  • They are cake broke and currently being fed a TMR Ration in a 40 acre pasture.
  • I am able to find cheap reliable trucks and willing to sell load lots of the color of your choosing.
Dylan Bitz
Napoleon , North Dakota
Cell Phone: 701.321.0672
Alternate Contact: Russ Couch (TCR Represented)
Alternate Contact Phone: 660.605.2330
Best Time to Call: Anytime

NO SOLICITATIONS... Contact welcomed from Prospective Buyers Only.
Contact for any other reason makes you both unethical and a nuisance.



Warning to Sellers:

Be aware of the following Internet Scam...

A prospective buyer contacts seller and agrees to the asking price and then tells the seller...“Give me your address and I'll mail you Certified Funds right away for the cost of the cattle plus $1,500.00 for trucking to my ranch. Deposit the check and then send the $1,500.00 by Western Union to my trucking company.  After they receive the funds, they'll contact you about picking up the cattle.”

The problem is that the check is counterfeit.  An unwary seller deposits the check and wires the "freight costs to the trucking company."  A few days later, the seller's bank contacts him to advise him the check is a fake and his $1,500.00 is gone.

Because these scammers typically e-mail or text sellers, avoid buyers wanting to do a transaction exclusively by e-mail or texting... If they won't talk to you, caution is in order.

Additionally, unless you are certain a buyer is legitimate...

  • Do not accept Certified Funds as payment without calling the Bank or other issuing entity to verify the validity of the check.  It could be counterfeit.
  • Do not provide your checking account information for payment by wire transfer to a prospective buyer.  Scammers, in possession of your name, phone number, e-mail address, bank account information, and utilizing software available on the "Dark Web" designed to hack into financial institutions and banks, will attempt to gain access to your account.