12 Reg. Angus Bulls... Northeast TX ~ GF - AN

Listing Number
Northeast Texas
Ship From
Wills Point, TX
Number for Sale
12 Head
Gardner Angus Ranch or Home Grown
10 months to 5 years old
Est. Weight
800 lbs. to 1,900 lbs.
Birth Weight
65 lbs. to 78 lbs.
Will Guarantee Fertile
Medium Flesh
Virus Shield VL5 Plus Somas, Ultrabac 8, Cydectin
Bermuda Grass w/ Mineral & Salt
Sell Part/All
Any Number
Delivery Date
Available Now
$3,000 to $5,000 per head
Payment Terms
Verified Check, Cash, or Vinmo... Please allow 10 days before loadout if paying via check
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Will work on grass and good forage and they pass on these EPD's to their progeny...

  • First, all of these bulls are truly Grass-Fed bulls. Only (along with mineral, hay and salt). Cubes are used as treats only for health checks and to get them to follow the truck.
  • They are athletically built not "Fed Fatty's".
  • GAR Absolute D5388 is a king of Calving Ease that has the incredible and awesome ability to put weight on his calves. With Top 30% $G and Top 35% YW, $F & $B. This herd sire has worked on all of my heifers as well as my cows. He has earned this ranch over $300,000 in his short but active 4 years. He has breed both calving seasons for us as the only herd bull, clean-up bull. If we did not have an AI program that $300,000 would be 2 or 3 times higher. His average heifers are selling for $3,600 each. His bull calves sell between $2,800 and $5,000. Now that is a bull with a proven history that can move right in and go to work. His genetic Sires and Dams are too many to list but impressive is an understatement. His docility rains supreme!
  • G009 is a Rampage X Blackcap breeding that equals one great bull. Add to that BR Midland, OCC Paxton and the Quaker Hill Farms Blackcap cow families and you are bringing in herd improving genetics with a history of 10's of thousands of registered calves on the ground out of just his 3-generation pedigree! Top 35% CED @ +8 & BW added to Top 30% WW is a great combination for a bull to have. Bring in Top 15% CEM and Top 10% Ribeye and you are going to have some great calves hitting the ground. 
  • G017 has a Top 4% CED +14 a true Heifer bull! He got his leg caught in the cattle guard as a calf and hurt his knee. He is perfect for a smaller group of heifers with no other bulls to battle for breeding rights. He brings the genetics of GAR Absolute, KCF Absolute, OCC Emblazon, SAV Final Answer 0035 and the Blackcap cow families. This is a great opportunity to add some great genetics to your heifer group. Passed both the Breeding Exam and Trich test, he is ready to go to work at a extreme discount. Regular price at $2,800 as is $1,900 G020-WOW! 
  • G020 is a heifer bull and a herd bull in one! Top 10% CED with 20% BW, DMI and Top 4% $EN all while bringing Top 30% $G. He is a very nice bull that can work on grass. Hold on just look at his family tree with 5 of the best Angus Pathfinders in the breed; S A V Final Answer 0035, G A R Predestined, GAR-EGL Protege, K C F Bennett Absolute & OCC Glory 950G.
  • Now add in some great cow families like; OCC Dixie Erica 971E, Twin Lakes 444L Rita 615 & Thomas Miss Lucy 5152. G025 herd bull ready to bring out the best in your cows! CAB certified Genetics!! With the EPD's right where you need them to put "money calves" on the ground. Top 10% Marb, $G, SC, Top 15% $B, PAP, Top 20% Rad, Angle, Top 25% DMI, MW, Top 30% YH, RE, $F, $C, Top 35% MH & Claw. His Sires & Dams will tell you about a proven history of performance; with 7 Angus Pathfinders in his 3-generation pedigree. His structure and build are excellent and will bring improvement to of his progeny.
  • G030- Have you seen a recent picture of LD Capitol 316, he is a bull's bull and impressive. This young man John 316 was bred by McKellar Ranch to a heifer I had purchased because of the SAV Blackcap May 4136 running in her veins. Hoover Dam, Connealy Capitalist 028, and a ton on SAV genetics make this bull one to buy early and grow him out, at 18 to 20 months his price will go to $5,000 . A commercial producer’s dream a well-priced bull that can deliver, outstanding Calving Ease Maternal, Calving Ease Direct, Heifer Pregnancy along with $M & $W. Now let’s add some structure on both the feet and legs to improve every progeny he has. Look at this one closely, he may be what you really need.  
  • G051 is a perfect bull for anyone that wants improvement to their herd. Top 10% Calving Ease & $W combined with Top 15% WW, & 20% YW & RE! Top 30% $F, $G, $B & Top 35% $C & Marb. This is what everyone asks me if it is possible to achieve Calving ease with Top growth at an affordable price. Big boy ranches at auction can get as much $15,000, $30,000. Buy him early and grow him out for a few months and you have saved some money.
  • G050 is a LD Capitol 316 son and he will soon be a bull's bull and very impressive. This young man John 316 G050 was bred by McKellar Ranch to a heifer I had purchased because of the SAV Blackcap May 4136 running in her veins. Hoover Dam, Connealy Capitalist 028 and a ton on SAV genetics make this bull one to by early and grow out, at 18 months his price will go up. TOP EPD's- Top 10% Ribeye, Top 15%Claw, Top 20% WW,$W & $M, Top 25% YW, $F & Milk, Top 35% CED, Angle & RADG. He will bring sound improvements to the structure of his offspring. Keep all of his heifers because of the SAV Blackcap May 4136.
  • G053 is at the Top of the game in genetics and is CAB certified! He adds to that a Top 2% CED at +15. Combine that with DMI, $EN, Marb, Rib-eye & $G. Hold on this bull is also going to bring major "feed efficiency " with a Top 25% $EN and big improvements to the DMI with a Top 10%. At 18 to 20 months old his value will ski-rocket. Great Grandson of SAV Final Answer 0035 and Thomas Miss Lucy 5152 you are adding some big time Angus names to your herd.
  • G057-In every Sale Book you receive the "Lucy" cow family will be in those first couple of pages. This "Bull" out of the "Lucy" cow family is a bull maker or "stocker" maker supreme. Top 2% MW, Top 3% WW, Top 5% YW, Top 10% RADG, Top 15% $F & CW, Top 20% MH, Top 25% $B, $G & $W, Top 30% Marb, Top 35$G, this boy will build your operation like very few others. G034 Whoop! CAB cert. V A R Discovery 2240 & K C F Bennett Absolute in his 2nd generation! 16 EPD's in the Top right where you need them. Grass-fed production or Commercial this young man brings it all. Top 30% CED is nice but when it is combined with Top 15% $B & $G it is what most cow men are looking for. Buy this one early and grow him out for just a little while and you will have a herd bull that works for your heifers, cows and produces the right type of calf.
  • G052-A Genetic Strong Hold, with O C C Emblazon 854E, O C C Dixie Erica 816B, S A V Final Answer 0035, K C F Bennett Absolute & more. Double digit Calving Ease combine with RADG, $EN and Rib-eye. This young man brings "Grass-Fed efficiency" to your herd, if you like animals that can make their living by grazing, then this your your man. With a $EN of Top 25% and RADG at 35%, he is a proven "easy Keeper".
Britt Ross
Wills Point , Texas
Business Phone: 214.478.6446
Best Time to Call: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

NO SOLICITATIONS... Contact welcomed from Prospective Buyers Only.
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Warning to Sellers:

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A prospective buyer contacts seller and agrees to the asking price and then tells the seller...“Give me your address and I'll mail you Certified Funds right away for the cost of the cattle plus $1,500.00 for trucking to my ranch. Deposit the check and then send the $1,500.00 by Western Union to my trucking company.  After they receive the funds, they'll contact you about picking up the cattle.”

The problem is that the check is counterfeit.  An unwary seller deposits the check and wires the "freight costs to the trucking company."  A few days later, the seller's bank contacts him to advise him the check is a fake and his $1,500.00 is gone.

Because these scammers typically e-mail or text sellers, avoid buyers wanting to do a transaction exclusively by e-mail or texting... If they won't talk to you, caution is in order.

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