Enhance the Visibility of your Listing...

The cost for each of the enhancements below is a one-time fee and includes re-working or updating a listing.  Displayed on all pages on which the listing is indexed.  

Video Banners: $100

If taking a video with a SmartPhone, it must be held horizontally.

90 Angus 2nd & 3rd-Calf Cows... TX Panhandle


Flash Banners: $95

109 Angus & BWF Bred Heifers... South Central CO

109 Angus Bred Heifers... Central CO


Flash Banner also indexed as a "Prime Position Listing" - Cost: $150

Flash Banner is also indexed for 75 days as a "Prime Position Listing" at the top of Recent Listings, the 2nd most visited page on the site.
"Click Here" about upgrading an existing listing as a "Prime Position Listing"

Premium Listings: $50

88 Brangus Rep. Heifers... Southeast OK

Featured Listings: $20

Text for Featured Listings is Bolded throughout the site.
208 SimAngus Bred Heifers... Southeast NE

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