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Upcoming Reports: USDA WASDE Report on April 9th

Wednesday... April 1st

"Shootin' The Bull" Commodity Market Comments

TCR's Daily Market Summary

Cattle Markets: Whiplash

Analysis of 2020 Prospective Crop Plantings

Regional Cattle Auction Reports for Tuesday

Today's Agricultural Weather Highlights


Tuesday... March 31st

Record Global Grain Crop Forecast

Traffic at Walmart, Costco & Target falls for the first time in weeks

Pandemic Injects Volatility into Cattle & Beef Markets

Cattle Markets: Fear

Prospective Corn Acreage Up 8 Percent from 2019

U.S. Gasoline Prices Plunge to 4 year Low


Monday... March 30th

6 to 10-Day Weather Outlook Maps

COVID-19 changing U.S. Meat Consumption

Crude Oil trading at Lowest Prices since 2002

Cattle Markets: More of the Same

Big Increase in Beef, Pork & Poultry Supply Last Week

Bull Management Prior to the Breeding Season

Cattle Market Responses to Recent Market Turmoil

Court rules against R-CALF USA in Checkoff case


Saturday... March 28th

'Country Boys' making Hand Sanitizer


Friday... March 27th

TCR’s Weekly Market Summary

National Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary

Cattle Futures' Long-Term Market Outlook

Weekly Current & Projected Feedyard Closeouts

Cattle Markets: Disheartening

Consumer Sentiment Sinks to Lowest Level since 2016

NCBA Goes on CNBC and Embarrasses Themselves & the Cattle Industry

Cattle Photo of the Week

Agricultural Exports Projected to Exceed Imports in 2020

Cattle Bullish-Bearish Consensus remains in 'Excessively Bearish' Territory

Cattle Auctions continue amid the COVID-19 Fallout


Thursday... March 26th

COVID-19 Bill includes $Billions for Ag

Quarterly Hogs & Pigs Report: Lots of Pork Out There

Counties to be Classified as ‘High’ or ‘Low’ Risk for COVID-19

Cattle Markets: Commodities Get Hammered

Weekly Drought Monitor


Wednesday... March 25th

Thursday’s Jobless Claims Report could soar by as many as 4 Million

‘Above-Normal' Tropical Activity forecast for 2020

Slaughter Cattle Trading @ $120 in TX & KS Today

Cattle Markets: Volatility Returns

Beef Cutout Jumps... But for how long?

U.S. Economy might 'boom' after 'unprecedented' weakness in 2nd Quarter

Food Prices up 0.9 percent in 2019 compared with 2018

Consumers Drive Up Protein Demand in U.S. Grocery Stores

Profit Tracker: Packer Profits Surge Higher


Tuesday... March 24th

Cattle Markets: Another Day; Another Limit Move

Direct, Auction, & Video Sales of Cattle Plummeted Last Week

USDA Cold Storage Report Analysis


Monday... March 23rd

Total Red Meat Supplies in Freezers up 5 percent from Last Year

DOT Answers Hours of Service Questions for Livestock Haulers

Gas Prices could drop to 99 cents per gallon in the Midwest

Cattle Markets: Wow!

Meat Industry moves to Maintain Supply as Demand Grows

Tyson adds One-Time Bonus to Cash Cattle Prices

COVID-19 & U.S. Agriculture: 4 Key Questions

Average U.S. Farm Real Estate Value remains near its Historic High

Fed says Unemployment could reach 30%

Cattle on Feed & Weekending Highlights


Friday... March 20th

"Shootin' The Bull" Weekly Commodity Market Analysis

United States Cattle on Feed Up Slightly

Cattle Markets: What Now?

Increased UV Exposure may limit spread of New Coronavirus

A look at Thursday’s ‘Livestock Slaughter Report’


Thursday... March 19th

Record High Red Meat & Pork Production in February

Cattle Markets: Cutout Screams; Highest Since 2015 for March

Seasonal Temperature & Precipitation Outlook Maps

Seasonal Drought Outlook

Empty Meat Section in a large Amarillo TX Grocery Store

Cattle on Feed Pre-Report Estimates

COVID-19 World Tally: 220,691 cases, 8,957 deaths

COVID-19 & Livestock: Is there a connection?


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