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Friday... April 16th

TCR’s Weekly Market Summary

"Shootin' The Bull" Weekly Analysis

Current & Projected Feedyard Closeout

Cattle Futures’ Long-Term Outlook on the Market

TCR's Daily Market Summary

Small Packers Success Unlikely

Thursday's Regional Auction Reports

Cattle & Corn Bullish/Bearish Consensus Charts

Cattle Photo of the Week

Chart of the Week

March Retail & Food Services Data

Today's Agricultural Weather Highlights


Thursday... April 15th

"Shootin' The Bull" Commodity Market Comments

Land Prices Soar as Farmers National Sales Up 56% in Six Months

The Most Rural Counties in America

NCBA endorses Haulers of Agriculture & Livestock Safety (HAULS) Act

The Beef: The Pull

USDA to Review Quarterly U.S. Grain Stocks Report Methodology

Seasonal Temperature & Precipitation Outlook Maps

30-Day Temperature & Precipitation Outlook Maps

Seasonal Drought Outlook

Weekly Drought Monitor

Global Pork Production and Trade


Wednesday... April 14th

February Red Meat Exports Below 2020 but 2021 Outlook Remains Strong

Meatpacking Workers Vaccinated but Industry’s Covid-19 Crisis Continues

New Zealand to stop Exporting Livestock by Sea

N. Dakota Reactivates Drought Disaster Livestock Water Supply Project

Opinion: Stagflationary Forces are Building

The Beef: Fifth Day Down

A Great Era - Story of a Chinese Cattle Dealer Fighting Poverty

Retail Meat Prices


Tuesday... April 13th

Rancher’s Prime: High-End Beef Direct to Consumers

'PAUSE Act' A Radical Threat To Ranching

The Beef: Another Correction Day

NRCS launches Working Rangelands Conservation Frameworks

California Law Would Control Livestock Production Methods Outside the State

Brazil Beefpackers Halt Production as Cattle Prices Soar & Domestic Demand Dwindles

The Rise in Choice Boxed Beef Prices


Monday... April 12th

Federal Appeals Court Sides with Missouri in Fake Meat Labeling Case

The Beef: A Breather

The Decline in Demand for Veal

Bull Management Before the Breeding Season

Update on Beef Export Markets

Nervous North American Farmers set to ‘Seed in Faith’ into Parched Soils

6 to 10-Day Weather Outlook Maps


Saturday... April 10th

Elimination of ‘Stepped-up Basis’ Poses Tax Burden on the Ag-Sector

Follow the “Four S’s” for Dehorning Pain Management


Friday... April 9th

Colorado’s Initiative 16 would make Common Agricultural Practices Illegal

USDA’s WASDE Report Neutral for Corn; Slightly Bullish for Cattle

World Cattle Prices and Trade

Colorado’s Anti-Cattle ‘PAUSE’ Initiative headed for the Supreme Court

Impossible Foods prepping for $10 Billion IPO

The War on Beef in the West

Research for Pain Management Patch for Cattle Continues


Thursday... April 8th

The Place for ‘Off’ Cattle in the Beef Industry

Tennessee Farmer left hopeless after Cattle Mysteriously Die

The Beef: Basis Narrows

February US Beef & Pork Exports

Global COVID-19 cases top 133 Million - Brazil & India are Flashpoints

Beyond Meat Opens Manufacturing Facility in China

Iowa Scientists: Climate Change will bring Floods & Drought


Wednesday... April 7th

The Beef: Resilient

How the Beef Industry Is Managing Pricing During the Pandemic


Tuesday... April 6th

Pay Attention to Calving Distribution

Relationship between Fed Cattle and the Cutout

The Beef: Onward

Droughts Longer, Rainfall More Erratic in the West


Monday... April 5th

U.S. Trade Representative releases 2021 National Trade Estimate Report

Cattle & Hog Supply Trends Last Week

The Beef: Finally

Estate Taxes touches only a few Farm Families

Selection for Maternal Performance

Rising Feed Prices Impact Cattle Markets


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