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June Market Report Calendar -- The 'War on Meat'

Monday... June 14th

TCR’s Weekly Market Summary

June USDA Feed Outlook

Corn Crop: 68% in Good to Excellent Condition vs. 72% Last Week

36% of Pasture Rated at Poor to Very Poor compared to 37% Last Week

"Shootin' The Bull" Commodity Market Comments

Weekly USDA National Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary

Beware of Stocking Rate Creep

Arizona Reverting to the Wild West as Cattle Rustling Allowed to Thrive

The Beef: Follow Through

Daily Livestock Report: Beef Supply Chain Spreads

6 to 10-Day Weather Outlook Maps

Cool Spring, Late Summer, High Fertilizer Prices

Beef Exports Bounce Back

Overview of Last Week's Cattle Market

Friday/Saturday Regional Auction Reports

Cattle Futures’ Long-Term Outlook on the Market

Fewer Over-the-Counter Antibiotics for Livestock Available

CNN Segment Alleges ‘Meat Is Making The Planet Sick’

Congestion at West Coast Seaports Hinders Trade Boom

Halve the Size of Your Steak if You Want to Save the Planet

USDA to Strengthen Enforcement of the Packers and Stockyards Act

Today's Agricultural Weather Highlights


Friday... June 11th

"Shootin' The Bull" Weekly Analysis

Current & Projected Feedyard Closeout

NCBA suggests "Product of the USA" Beef Labels Mislead Consumers

TCR's Daily Market Summary

Senators seek USDA Special Investigator after Meatpacking Disruptions

R-CALF: How to Fix the Broken Cattle Market in Six Days

3 Factors Driving the Corn Market

Senators Propose Loan Forgiveness for Small Farmers

Weekly Cattle & Corn Bullish/Bearish Consensus Charts

Chart of the Week

Bill Gates & Mormon Church vie for 'Cattlegate Scandal' Farmland


Thursday... June 10th

Reps. Guest, Soto seek update on DOJ Investigation into Cattle Market

A Hot Summer… And Even Hotter Red Meat Demand Forecasted

The Beef: Status Quo

June WASDE Report: Slightly Bullish for Cattle & Corn

USDA June Crop Production Report

Biden Regulators to Revise Trump’s Rollback of WOTUS Rules

Daily Livestock Report: Beef, Pork, and Broiler Exports

Labor is the Issue; Not Beef Processing Capacity

Keystone XL Pipeline Is Officially Canceled

Weekly Drought Monitor: 46.55% of Lower 48 States in Drought

JBS Paid $11 Million In Ransom After Cyberattack

Cost of Living surged in May; Pace of Inflation at a 13-Year High


Wednesday... June 9th

JBS USA Invests in U.S. Beef Capacity & Increased Wages

The Beef: Plodding Along

New Rural COVID-19 Infections Dropped by 25% Last Week

Daily Livestock Report: Hide Exports Soar

Know how much Water your Cattle Need

The Tamer the Cow, the Smaller the Brain

In Defense of Cows

Additional Cattle Markets Legislation Introduced in U.S. House


Tuesday... June 8th

Are the big meatpackers corrupt? Growing consensus in Congress

Early June Crop Condition Report Paints an Overly Rosy Picture

Crop Dusted: While America Slept, China Stole the Farm

I'm Raising My Kids on a Plant-Based Diet for Their Future

The Beef: Is Change Coming?

FAO Food Price Index 39.7% above Same Period Last Year

Carcass By-Product Values


Monday... June 7th

Pasture & Range Conditions: Slight Improvement from last week

Implants Equate to Efficiency in Stocker Cattle

States Struggle with Quality Hay Supply

EAT THAT BURGER! Beef is Good for You

The Beef: Defensive

Hottest & Driest Week in more than 30 Years for the Corn Belt

Foot Rot In Cattle

More Fun Than We Can Stand

Daily Livestock Report: Beef & Pork Weekly Production and Price

Blockchain Platform developed by JBS Begins Operation

Cargill CEO says Plant-Based Protein to Cannibalize Meat Demand


Saturday... June 5th

Weekly Beef & Pork Export Update

Analyst says the Corn Market is at a Crossroads


Friday... June 4th

Food Security: Processing Concentration Increases Vulnerability

Sierra Club eyes Court Action over N.E. Iowa Cattle Operation

JBS says all Facilities Operating after Weekend Cyberattack

Argentina Suspends 12 Beef Export Operations; Conflict over Ban Deepens

Billboards urge S. Carolina Governor to Target Cattle Farms


Thursday... June 3rd

Consumers have Beef with Packers

NCBA Pushes Congress to Address Areas of Concern in Cattle Industry

The Glenn Beck Program: Watch Your Beef Prices, America

The Beef: Progress

Ensuring a Fair Cattle Market


Wednesday... June 2nd

Purdue’s Ag Economy Barometer Declines Sharply

The Beef: Recovery

Interactive Map shows Rural Covid-19 Infections Fall while Deaths Rise

Beyond Meat stock jumps after JBS ransomware attack

U.S. says Ransomware Attack on JBS likely from Russia

Daily Livestock Report: Update on JBS Cyber Attack & Meat Markets

'Vast Majority' of JBS Meat Plants to Reopen

Biden Opens the Back Door to Universal Basic Income


Tuesday... June 1st

The Beef: Another Major Hit

Former GIPSA Administrator Weighs In On Cattle Market Price Problem

Daily Livestock Report: Cyber Attack on JBS is a BIG Deal

Good News, Bad News: Gasoline Trends in 2021

An Urban's Rural View: An Impossibly Meaty Commercial

Restaurant Performance Index rose 1.2% in April

One-Fifth of U.S. Beef Capacity Wiped Out by JBS Cyberattack


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