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Upcoming USDA Reports: Livestock Outlook on August 16th


Friday... August 16th

TCR’s Weekly Market Summary

National Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary

Cattle Futures’ Long-Term Outlook on the Market

"Shootin' The Bull" Weekly Analysis

Weekly Current & Projected Feedyard Closeouts

Regional Cattle Auction Reports for Thursday

Slaughter & Feeder Steer Prices since the Tyson Fire

Cattle Photo of the Week


Thursday... August 15th

"Shootin' The Bull" Commodity Market Comments

Harvard Medical School: How Healthy are Meatless Burgers?

In the Cattle Markets… Slow Trade Continues; Futures Hold

Seasonal Temperature & Precipitation Outlook Maps

30-Day Temperature & Precipitation Outlook Maps

Canadian Precipitation Map

Seasonal Drought Outlook

U.S. Weekly Drought Monitor

Retail Beef Prices Tick Higher in July

Retail Sales Surge in July


Wednesday... August 14th

Disruption in Fed Beef Slaughter

We’ve Met the Enemy and it's Fake Meat Companies

Dow Ends around 800 Points Lower

In the Cattle Markets… Cash Trade Begins; Futures Rally

Red Meat could be the Next Sin Tax


Tuesday... August 13th

Tyson to Rebuild Plant; Stock Falls

6 to 10-Day Temperature & Precipitation Outlook Maps

Germany Considers a 'Meat Tax'... Is the U.S. Next?

In the Cattle Markets… Perspective

London University Bans Beef

Tyson Beef Plant Fire Leaves Huge Void in Processing Capacity


Monday... August 12th

Corn Crop Condition Unchanged from Last Week

In the Cattle Markets… Game Changer

Cattle Industry will Feel the Loss of Tyson Plant

USDA Data Drops U.S. Corn Market 25 Cents

WASDE Report: Friendly for Cattle; Bearish for Corn

The Cattle/Beef Industry: ‘Whistling Past the Graveyard’

Prepare A "Calving Kit" Before Fall Calving Season Begins

Planning For Wheat Pasture

Britain’s Answer to Beyond Meat to Launch in the U.S.

Cattle Futures' Long-Term Market Outlook

Impact of Tyson Beef Plant Fire on the Cattle Market


Saturday... August 10th

Tyson Plant in Kansas ‘Down Indefinitely’ after Devastating Fire

A Clancy-esque View of the Economy

“They're going after Meat Eating in a Way Never Envisioned”


Friday... August 9th

Survey Shows 72% of Consumers Prefer Beef over Alternatives

The Impossible Whopper... Almost Indistinguishable from Beef

A Look at Fed Cattle Weights & Grading

Asian ASF Pig Cull Reaches Five Million


Thursday... August 8th

Farmer's Chilling Story sheds light on Missing Wisconsin Brothers

U.N. Warns Agriculture Must Change

Bulls Killed & Mutilated on Oregon Ranch

In the Cattle Markets… Blowing Through Supply

Meat Industry needs to ‘Restore Pride’

As China Halts U.S. Soy Purchases, ‘Unknown’ Buyers Step Up

Marfrig & ADM to Produce Plant-Based Burgers in Brazil


Wednesday... August 7th

Strong Finish to First Half for U.S. Pork, Beef Exports

Land Values & Cash Rents Falling in Some Areas

In the Cattle Markets… Back to ‘Green’

Pastures in Good to Excellent Condition Drops by 10%


Tuesday... August 6th

UDSA 2019 Land Values Summary

Irish Beef Producers Protesting Prices paid by Beef Processors

In the Cattle Markets… Drifting

Purdue Ag Barometer: Confidence in the Ag Economy Soars

June Beef Exports Slightly Lower than a Year Ago


Monday... August 5th

In the Cattle Markets… Fear & Volatility Rule

Volume of Lean Beef Higher due to Cull Cow Slaughter

US Meat Industry Praises EU Beef Deal


Friday... August 2nd

Trump Announces Deal to Increase U.S. Beef Exports to Europe

In the Cattle Markets… It’s Time


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