Akaushi Freezer Beef... Southeast TX

  • Home grown, Akaushi freezer beef, that will be available for sale immediately.
  • Pricing is $5 per pound hanging weight.
  • Click here to visit our website.
Listing # 101M955-201
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Chase Johnson
College Station , TX
Home Phone: 832.266.8585
Best Time to Call: Before 9:30 PM

NO SOLICITATIONS... Contact welcomed from Prospective Buyers Only.
Contact for any other reason makes you both unethical and a nuisance.


Warning to Sellers:

If someone offers to pay by Cashier's Check or Credit Card for more than your price and wants you to send the difference to another party... DON'T!!!.  It's probably a SCAM.  The Check is likely a fake or the Credit Card payment is fraudulent.

Do not provide your checking account information for payment by wire transfer to a prospective buyer unless you are certain the buyer is legitimate. Scammers may try to use the information to access your account.

Additionally, avoid buyers wanting to do a transaction exclusively by e-mail... If they won't talk to you, caution is in order and don't respond to e-mails that are confusing or make no sense.