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Stolen/Missing Cattle...


No Charge to Report Stolen or Missing Cattle...
  • E-mail TCR the details about the Stolen/Missing Cattle and include the name of a contact person & phone number.

..Stolen/Missing Cattle... March 1st
  • Stolen cattle, Reg. Quarter horses, round bale trailer, Priefert cattle chute, & portable cattle panels near San Antonia TX - Map
    • 12 head of Reg. Beefmaster cow/calf pairs, average 1,200 lbs. 
    • 1 Reg. Beefmaster herd bull, 2,000 lbs. 
    • 10 head of Beefmaster & commercial rep. heifers, average 650 lbs. to 750 lbs. 
    • 1 yearling Beefmaster rep. bull, 900+ lbs. 
    • 10 head or commercial cow/calf pairs, average 1,100 lbs. 
    • 1 Reg. Simbrah herd bull, 2,200 lbs. 
    • 2 head of Reg. Quarter horse geldings. 
      • Bloodline of 1st, "Smart Chic Olena" & "San O Lnita,"  he will be 12 years old. 
      • Bloodline of 2nd, "Doc Bar," he will be 15 years old. 
      • Both very well trained & healthy. 
    • 16' round bale trailer (3 bales) single axle, yellow with some black on tongue area. Older trailer but in good shape. 
    • Priefert cattle chute, faded blue color with some areas painted black & primer red. 
    • Portable cattle panels: 20 panels, 10' & silver in color, 12 panels, 12' & dark red in color & 18 panels, 12' & green in color.
    • 10' galv. water troughs.
    • Dates stolen: July 13th, 2015 thru February 1st, 2016. 
    • Cattle were branded with a large C, with a H inside the larger C. Half circle H. Also branded with numbers. 
    • Cattle also have tattoo's in ears, a few in bottom lip & also have metal bands in ears.
    • Horses are also tattooed in ears & 1 has tattoo in lip.
    • Cattle also have brands from ranches we purchased them from, 4C- Carr ranch, CG- C&G Cattle Co., Santa Ana ranch, W- Wilmoth & Sons, Psencik ranch, Moravits, JMJ La Morita ranch, R- Rod Beefmasters, B sitting in half circle- Baylor ranch, RX Simbrah brand & their tattoo marks.
    • Horses last seen in Medina County TX.
    • This happened while I was in the hospital due to a heart attach. 
    • This was my wife & I entire cow/calf operation. 
    • We followed all the steps in reporting it to authorities. 
    • It happened in Northwest Bexar County, San Antonio (471/culabra Rd area.)
    • Reported it to BC Sheriff's, then to TSCRA Special Rangers. 
    • Gave them the names of the suspected, even the possible where about's. Still to this day, nothing. 
    • This was all we had, they know who took them but will do nothing. 
    • If you have seen them please contact us. 
    • Click here to view photos.


    Michael Harms


..Stolen/Missing Cattle... February 4th
  • 18 heifers missing from south of Edna, KS on Oklahoma line - Map
    • Angus, BWF, and a few red heifers weighing 600 lbs. to 700 lbs.
    • Branded with the number "6" on the rib - Some have "Rocking N" on hip
    • Had white ear tags starting with D followed by numbers in both ears 
    • Tattoed with metal clip tags in ear.

    Zane Goodwin


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