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  Purchase Cost:   Gain:    
  Weight   # Days    
  Price per cwt.   Lbs. per day    
  Freight from purchase point:     Gross Weight:    
  # Miles              
  Rate per mile   Shrink    
  # Head on Load              
  Initial Processing Costs   Sale Price per cwt.    
  Medicine & Vet          
      Gross Sale Amount:    
  # Days Fed   Marketing Costs:    
  # Lbs. Per Day        
  Cost per Lb.   Freight to market:    
      # Miles    
  Pasture:     Rate per mile    
  # Days/Months   # Head on Load    
  Cost per Day/Month      
      Auction Costs:    
  *Interest:     Sales Commission:    
  Rate   Yardage, etc.:    
  # Days      
  **Death Loss:     Total Marketing Costs:  
  Death Loss %          
      Net Sale Proceeds:    
  Total Cost & Expense:   Profit/(Loss) per head:  
    * Includes interest on purchase cost and one-half of the expenses  
  ** Includes purchase cost and one-half of expenses of deceased animals  

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