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The listing process cannot be completed without a "Listing Submission" .> > >
. . . . .Disregard if you have already submitted the listing or are in the process of doing so.
In order for your photos to be matched with your listing, include name, phone number, & brief description of the cattle/items

..There are two ways to submit photos or videos...
  • Use the "SendThisFile" box to the right...
    • Enter your e-mail address, and in the "Message" box, enter your phone number and a brief description such as a Listing # or Y Bar Ranch bred heifers, etc.
    • Click one of the "Browse" buttons... In the window that will open, locate the folder in which your photos are saved on your computer, choose a photo, and click "Open".
    • If multiple photos, repeat this process with another "Browse" button.
    • When photos have been attached, click the "Send Photos" button.
    • For Ipad users… Please note that when submitting photos via “Send this file” you will need to delete the “Enter e-mail address” text so that the text box shows only your email address. The Ipad will not automatically remove the prompt like your PC, and if not removed manually, your submission will not go through.
  • Or attach photos/video to an e-mail to:
    • Please include a phone number in your e-mail, along with a brief description such as a Listing number or Y Bar Ranch cows, etc.
  • You can also upload a video to YouTube and e-mail the URL to us:."Click Here" to upload videos to YouTube
..A listing number is not necessary...
  • If the listing is new and has not been assigned a listing number and uploaded, just identify the photos in the message box or in the body of your e-mail...
    • For example: Y Bar Ranch - 124 Angus Bred Heifers
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