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  • Listing # 605ES556-201
    Location: Southwest Missouri
    Ship From: Ava MO - Map
    # for Sale: Contact seller
    Breed: Angus
    Frame: Medium to Large
    Condition: Moderate Flesh
    Horns: Polled
    Price: Negotiable... Contact seller for price
    Payment: Certified Funds or Wire Transfer
    Seller: Contact Information
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    Driftwood Holding Trust is offering elite embryos...
    • DHT has an extremely exciting offering of extreme EPD embryos that are backed by elite high $ valued cattle with tremendous spread in their numbers. 
    • DHT has built one of the most progressive donor lineups in the country. 
    • These embryos will work in any seed stock operation and have a lasting impact on your program. 
    • The cattle are backed by proven AI Sires and the most proven cow families in the breed. 
    • The offspring from these embryos will make elite seed stock to build a program around or be very marketable in any given situation. 
    • Offering some of the highest $Beef and $Weaned embryos in Angus Breed
    • Heifer and bull pregnancy calving date on heifer pregnancy 11/08/2016 -- sold with recipient cow. 
    • Sire VAR Discovery Reg # 17262835. Ten EPD's in top 1% of Angus Breed. 
    • Dam 545 reg number 17037256. DHT 494 Concrete 545  has been a elite producer of top animals. 
    • She has 10 ET calves which all rank in the top 2% or higher for $B and top $W with 4 of the 10 progeny in the top 1% of Angus breed for $W. 
    • 545's production record is Wean ratio 113, Year ratio 113, IMF ratio 109 and Rib eye ratio 105. 
    • DHT 545 has 3 females with a 50K DNA of top 1% for WW and YW. 
    • Pregnancy from DHT Emblynette Heritage 505 . 
    • See full sib DHT Emblynette Discovery 799 Reg # 18109340 6 EPD's in Top 1% of Angus breed. 
    • Call or e-mail if you have any questions.
    Owner: Ranch Management Trust Ava MO
    Contact: Cecil Huff
    Phone: 417.250.1300
    Or Contact: Sonny
    Phone: 417.683.2381
    Best Time to Call: Anytime  
    NO SOLICITATIONS... Contact welcomed from Prospective Buyers Only.
    Contact for any other reason makes you both unethical and a nuisance.
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    If someone offers to pay by Cashier's Check or Credit Card for more than your price and wants you to send the difference to another party... DON'T !!!..It's probably a SCAM... The Check is likely a fake or the Credit Card payment is fraudulent.

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    If they won't talk to you, caution is in order and don't respond to e-mails that are confusing or make no sense.


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