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    Quality Pasture & Care Available...
    Listing #: 702M648-201
    • Opening for 800+ cow/calf units June and July 2017.
    • We one of the largest cattle grazing companies in the nation with over 10,000 head of cattle under our company's care. We have pastures in East Texas, Louisiana, Southern Arkansas & Mississippi. 
    • We provide full care for your cattle & are willing to design a program to meet your current & future goals. 
    • Our experienced crew provides all labor for winter feeding, doctoring sicks, keeping mineral feeders maintained & working cattle throughout the year.
    • We have quality fertilized hay available & several cost efficient sources of protein. 
    • We have extensive experience in 1st-calf heifers & getting them in condition to breed back. 
    • We currently work with several Purebred & Reg. ranchers & have experience in maintaining records needed for those type cattle.
    • Our pastures are on privately held properties with locked gates, good fences & a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.
    • Our summer pastures have Bermuda, Bahia & sprigged grasses.
    • Historically, we have above average warm winters with early stands of rye grass & clover. 
    • We also have a heifer development program for ranchers wanting to retain & grow replacement heifers. 
    • We currently have pastures available for 800+ pair but would graze as few as a pot load of 40 cows. 
    • We are looking for long term oriented cow/calf ranchers. 
    • We provide:
      • All the hands/labor needed at branding, Fall/Spring workings & calf shipping.
      • OK Corral
      • Squeeze chute
      • Portable loading chute
      • Dart Gun
      • Monthly reports on cattle
      • Feeding of protein/hay
      • Keeping salt & mineral feeders full
      • Fence repairs
    • Cattle Owner Provides:
      • Hay (We have it available for $35 to $45)
      • Protein (Tubs, syrup, meal & cake)
      • Medication/Dewormer as needed
      • Mineral/Salt
      • Vet/palpation services
      • Extra help for AI/Embryo work
      • Trucking cost on shipping calves
    • We are excited to announce the expansion of the 2,000+ head condition/grow yard in Joaquin, Texas under our company's umbrella for ranchers who wish to background their calves. 
    • We have grass available to go with calves once they come out of the yard. 
    • We currently work with video auctions to assist ranchers who want to sell their backgrounded calves on video.
    • We will be taking select sets of Reg. & Purebred bull & heifer calves to background & develop in in the yard.
    • $20.00 to $25.00 per cow per month.
    • Located near Joaquin TX - Map

    • Call or e-mail if you have any questions.
    Stacy R Taylor
    Joaquin TX
    936.572.0566 - Home
    936.269.9203 - Cell
    Call Anytime
    Call Anytime
    NO SOLICITATIONS... Contact welcomed from Prospective Buyers Only.
    Contact for any other reason makes you both unethical and a nuisance.
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