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 Red Angus 1st-Calf Pairs
South Central Kansas
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  • Listing # 703C705-201
    Location: South Central Kansas
    Ship From: Oxford KS - Map - Freight/Distance Calculator
    Cow Info...
    # for Sale: 12 Head
    Breed: Red Angus
    Origin: Home grown
    Age: 2 years old
    Est. Weight: Average 1,200+ lbs. 
    Frame: Medium to Large
    Condition: Moderate Flesh
    Vaccinations: OCV... Cattlemaster Gold, ScourGuard, & Ivomectin
    Horns: Polled
    Pasture/Feed: Ground hay mix & corn
    Bred Back To: Open
    Calf Info...
    Number: 12 Calves
    Sired By: AI sired by "Mushbrush Impressive CA U236" 
    Age: 30 to 45 days as of late March
    Est. Weight: Average 175 lbs. 
    Frame: Medium
    Condition: Moderate Flesh
    Vaccinations: Blackleg & Pptimizer calf gel
    Horns: Polled
    Delivery Date: Available Now
    Sell Part/All: Buyer Takes All... Excluding Unmerchantable Cattle
    Price: $2,350.00 per pair... Negotiable
    Payment: Certified Funds or Wire Transfer
    Seller: Contact Information

    Extra fancy Red Angus 1st-Calf pairs...
    • Easy Keepers. Incredibly efficient & docile.
    • Dams have Cherokee Canyon & Direct Ticket bloodlines.
    • Call if you have any questions.
    Kylee Graves
    Oxford KS
    Call before 9:30 PM
    NO SOLICITATIONS... Contact welcomed from Prospective Buyers Only.
    Contact for any other reason makes you both unethical and a nuisance.
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    Warning to Sellers: 
    If someone offers to pay by Cashier's Check or Credit Card for more than your price and wants you to send the difference to another party... DON'T !!!.It's probably a SCAM... The Check is likely a fake or the Credit Card payment is fraudulent.

    Do not provide your checking account information for payment by wire transfer to a prospective buyer unless you are certain the buyer is legitimate.  Scammers may try to use the information to access your account.
    Additionally, avoid buyers wanting to do a transaction exclusively by e-mail...
    If they won't talk to you, caution is in order and don't respond to e-mails that are confusing or make no sense.

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