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  • Listing # 612C842-201
    Location: Southwest Mississippi
    Ship From: Brookhaven MS - Map - Freight/Distance Calculator
    # for Sale: 10 Head
    Origin: Home Grown
    Breed: Crossbred
    Age: 3 to 8 years old
    Est. Weight: 1,000 lbs. to 1,200 lbs.
    Frame: Medium to Large
    Condition: Moderate Flesh
    Vaccinations: OCV, Ivomec, Virashield 6, Vision 8,Multimin 90, & ScourBos
    Horns: Polled
    Bred To: Angus/Hereford Cross bull
    Preg-Checked: Already Checked by local Vet
    Calving Period: Calving Now... 8+ Calves as of early March
    About: Preg-Checked or Exposed & Calving Period
    Pasture/Feed: Ryegrass & hay
    Delivery Date: Available now
    Sell Part/All: Any Number
    Price: $1,300.00 to $1,800.00 per head/pair... Negotiable
    Payment: Certified Funds
    Seller: Contact Information

    Crossbred cows with good calves and more to come...
    Clark Calcote
    Brookhaven MS
    Call Anytime
    NO SOLICITATIONS... Contact welcomed from Prospective Buyers Only.
    Contact for any other reason makes you both unethical and a nuisance.
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    Warning to Sellers: 
    If someone offers to pay by Cashier's Check or Credit Card for more than your price and wants you to send the difference to another party... DON'T !!!.It's probably a SCAM... The Check is likely a fake or the Credit Card payment is fraudulent.

    Do not provide your checking account information for payment by wire transfer to a prospective buyer unless you are certain the buyer is legitimate.  Scammers may try to use the information to access your account.
    Additionally, avoid buyers wanting to do a transaction exclusively by e-mail...
    If they won't talk to you, caution is in order and don't respond to e-mails that are confusing or make no sense.

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