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Red Angus Bred Heifers
 Central Nebraska
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  • Listing # 611C356-900
    Location: Central Nebraska
    Ship From: Hershey NE - Map - Freight/Distance Calculator
    # for Sale: 45 Head
    Origin: Native... All 1-Iron
    Breed: Red Angus
    Age: 2 years old 
    Est. Weight: Average 1,075 lbs.
    Frame: Medium 
    Condition: Moderate Flesh
    Vaccinations: OCV... Alpha 7, SafeGuard, & Pour-on
    Horns: None 
    Bred To: AI'ed to "Schuler Rebel" Red Angus Bull
    Preg-Checked: Already Checked by DVM
    Calving Period: Should start in February thru March
    About: Preg-Checked or Exposed & Calving Period
    Delivery Date: Available now
    Sell Part/All: Any Number
    Price: $1,550.00 per head... Negotiable
    Payment: Wire Transfer
    Seller: Contact Information

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    1-Iron Red Angus Bred heifers...
    • AI'ed to Schuler Rebel & then cleaned up with LBW Angus Bulls (one red, one black) for 39 days.
    • Heifers were recently ultrasounded by DVM.
    • Call or if you have any questions.
    • Other cattle Seller has for sale... Multiple Listing Index
    Trey Wasserburger 
    North Platte NE
    Call before 9:30 PM

    TCR Represented
    Russ Couch

    NO SOLICITATIONS... Contact welcomed from Prospective Buyers Only.
    Contact for any other reason makes you both unethical and a nuisance.
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